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Top 10 best COD Mobile Facts you might not know of

Know all the unknown facts about your favorite Call of Duty Mobile!

Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Activision. Released on October 1, 2019, it was one of the largest mobile game launches in history, generating over the US $480 million with 270 million downloads within a year. COD Mobile was published in other regions by Garena, Tencent Games, VNG Games, and TiMi Studios. Since it is an old game, it has a lot of interesting facts which players might not know. In this article, let us take a look at the Top 10 Best COD Mobile Facts that you might not know about.

Top 10 best COD Mobile facts

1. First epic camo in the game

There are multiple weapon camos available today in COD Mobile. All camos belong to different rarities. The first epic camo or finish, which came in the battle pass was AK-47 – Red action.

first epic camo cod mobile
Image via Activision

It is a cool-looking camo available in the Premium battle pass of COD Mobile Season 1. Many old players got this gun camo by buying the Season 1 battle pass. As of today, apart from AK47, DLQ33 sniper rifle also

2. Overkill perk was available in the test servers but it was never released

A perk named overkill was almost set to come to the game. The specialty of this perk was, it would allow the player to use a primary weapon in their secondary weapon slot, instead of a pistol or melee weapon.

Overkill perk in COD Mobile
Image via Activision

Later, game developers realized that if they add this perk, it would break the game by giving players an extra advantage. Hence, they postponed the process and the overkill perk never came to Call of Duty Mobile.

3. The Teddy bears spread across the map has a deep secret behind them

Apart from the Sanitarium location in COD Mobile, where there are lots of teddy bears spread, the whole Isolated map has many brown teddy bears lying around. In Sanitarium, bursting certain numbers of teddy bears will open a secret room in Sanitarium. But apart from the gaming missions that it brings, there is a deep secret behind why are these teddy bears present in the game.

teddy bears cod mobile
Image via Activision

According to some theories, one of the developers had a daughter, but unfortunately, she left the world at a very young age. Teddy bears were one of her favorite toys of her. So, in order to pay tribute to her, the developers added teddy bears across the map, especially in the sanitarium.

4. COD Mobile garnered huge revenue within one month

It was revealed that just after one month of release, Call of Duty Mobile has generated a revenue of 54 million US Dollars, which is quite brilliant. And moving forward, after one year, it generated a total of 480 million US dollars as revenue. It has also amassed the milestone of 100 million downloads in just one month after the release, which was also record-breaking during that time.

5. Call of Duty Mobile got released before beta version in 2018

Call of Duty Mobile’s beta version first came in 2019. But later it was revealed that some players of Australia and some other countries were able to play the test version of the game from May 2018, which is even before the beta version release.

6. Total playtime for COD Mobile has crossed 1900 hours on anaverage basis

According to a study, if we combine the playtime of all players in a single day of all of the Call of Duty versions, it would cross 1900 hours of playtime in a single day. This is humongous. This fact states why Call of Duty is one of the most popular games of all time.

7. Death Machine was originally named Scythe in beta, but got changed later

Scythe cod mobile
Image via Activision

Death machine is Call of Duty Mobile’s one of the most ferocious operator skills. The death machine is a hand-held minigun that slowly increases accuracy over time. In the early days, the death machine was known as ‘ Scythe’. Due to some unknown reasons developers changed the name of the operator skill and made it ‘Death machine’.

8. No horizontal recoil option was present for weapon during early seasons

After the initial release, there was no horizontal recoil present in any of the guns that we see now in the game. There was a little vertical recoil and that’s it. The game was getting too easy for the players because of this fact. Later, with some patch updates, Activision added the horizontal recoil in the guns. They also introduced some attachments in the Gunsmith which will be useful to stabilize the gun.

9. Candy crush makers King played an important role in developing COD Mobile

This fact might be something that many haven’t heard of but it is true that the highly successful game, Candy Crush’s developers indeed helped create the COD Mobile. Actually, in 2014, Activision acquired the makers of the Candy Crush, King. Eventually, they played a crucial part in the making of Call of Duty Mobile in 2018. So, we can say that the makers of Candy crush developed COD Mobile to some extent.

10. Call of Duty Mobile has multiple publishers spread across different regions of the world

Activision has multiple publishers under its belt to increase the reach of Call of Duty Mobile across the different regions in the world. The main publishers for this game are Garena (SA), Timi (America), Tencent (China, Korea, and SEA), and VNG Games (Vietnam Region), etc. This out-of-the-box move from Activision has already made the game more popular to the players of different regions.

That’s all for today’s Top 10 Best Call of Duty Mobile Facts. How many of these Top best Genshin Impact Facts did you already know? Let us know in the comment section below!

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