Top 10 best Terraria Facts you might not know of

Know all the unknown facts about your favorite Terraria!

Terraria, developed by Re-Logic, ported to mobile platforms by 505’s affiliate DR Studios, and published by them globally on mobile and console platforms, is a side-scrolling sandbox game that focuses on crafting unique items, exploring vast worlds, and battling various enemies. It incorporates a traditional 2D combat system with expansive crafting mechanics and randomly generated pixel worlds. Since it is an old game, it has a lot of interesting facts which players might not know. In this article, we are going to share 10 interesting facts about Terraria.

Top 10 best Terraria facts

1. Terraria smartwatch

Powerful Smartwatch
Terraria Themed Smart Watch

Once Terraria announced that they are going launch a special Terraria themed smartwatch for the gamers. They stated that they will bring this smartwatch by partnering with Gameband company. But not a single order was fulfilled by the game.

2. First mod version

Terraria first mod version
Image via 505 Games Srl

Terraria is famous for its massive amount of mod versions. By using these mods, players get various advantages and different experiences that are not available in the main version. Right now there are more than 50 mod versions are available. But the first-ever mod version of Terraria was a rideable horse. Players would be able to ride a horse via this mod. This mod version was created by team Modzilla.

3. Incredible Sales numbers

Terraria has sold a total of over 35 million copies of their all versions. Which is a very big achievement for any video game. This massive amount of sales made Terraria the 25th most sold game of all time. The number of sales of the mobile version is approximately 10 million.

4. Weapon with most damage

Terraria weapon
Image via 505 Games Srl

The Paladin’s hammer is currently the most damaging weapon in the game. The Paladin’s hammer has a 2.68% chance to drop from a paladin upon death, It deals 90 melee damage and with proper modifiers, can do up to 300+ damage! This makes the weapon a very dangerous one.

5. Fact about the Party Girl

Terraria Party Girl
Image via 505 Games Srl

Party Girl is the only female who wasn’t affected by the blood moon. During a Blood Moon, all-female NPCs except for the Party Girl and the Princess use more irritable or aggressive dialogue than normal. This is a reference to the fact that some women in real life become irritable or aggressive due to premenstrual syndrome.

6. Direction of the Biomes

Biome in gameplay
Image via 505 Games Srl

One of the most interesting facts about the biomes of Terraria is that the Snow Biome is always in the opposite direction from spawn as the Jungle, and the Dungeon is on the same side as the Snow biome.

7. Duck’s easter egg

Terraria Duck Quack
Image via 505 Games Srl

If a player waits long enough near a duck, they will hear a much different quack, which is made by the creator of the game, Redigit. Andrew “Redigit” Spinks is the creator of Terraria and President of Re-Logic. Before Terraria, he was the lead developer of Super Mario Bros.

8. The chlorophyte trick

Using the Spelunker Glowsticks from the Skeleton Merchant as well as any weapon that can give light through walls will get you 300 chlorophytes in 7 minutes. This is a great trick for both beginners and veterans. Don’t forget to try this trick in the game.

9. Logic of the Portal Gun

Terraria Portal Gun
Image via 505 Games Srl

Portal Guns increase fall to speed up to something like 179 MPH. They also alter player physics so your horizontal speed does not decrease while flying through the air unpowered. This is a very interesting and complex fact about Terraria.

10. The developer wings

There are 5 Developer Wings that are given to Crowno, Will, Cenx, and D-Town (Developers of Terraria) and allow the flight of 191 feet. There is also the 5th wing which is given to Redigit, the creator of the game, these wings allow infinite and many other features.

Unfortunately, these aren’t obtainable in normal gameplay. But if the player uses Inventory Editor it can be accessed. However equipping these will give players the Red Effect which causes 2 Debuffs that cannot prevent (4 other preventable debuffs), most likely killing the player.

That’s all for today’s Top 10 Best Terraria Facts. How many of these Top best Terraria Facts did you already know? Let us know in the comment section below!

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