Top 5 mobile games with the best visually pleasing locations

Games which are eye-captivating and beautiful!

There are quite a few mobile games that offer breathtaking locations, that would make one admire the quality of the game. Players would waste no time taking a screenshot of the location or scene. In this article, we’ve covered a list of mobile games with the most beautiful locations. Players can explore and enjoy the gorgeous views these games offer.

Top mobile games which offer the best locations

1. Sky: Children of the Light

Amongst the game’s many locations, one of the best you can visit is the Valley of Triumph. After a successful update from its developers, Sunset (Valley of Triumph) allows players to try and capture the beautiful sunset hour, which is rich in colors. Originally named Sunset, the location was then named Valley of Triumph, followed by Mountains, and finally, it was named Valley of Triumph. Valley of Triumph is one of the most beautiful locations that players can explore in Sky.

Sky: Children of the Light
The enchanting world of Sky will leave you gazing at the unique features it offers

The location acts like a level that is broken up into a few several areas of its own. It remains one of the most beautiful places by the Ice Rink. To get there, players have to slide down to the entrance of the Ice Rink, which closes enough to the edge but shouldn’t drop down. It remains a fan-favorite location to many and it remains accessible on all platforms of Sky: Children of the Light.

2. Genshin Impact

After its very much highly anticipated release in September 2020, it didn’t take Genshin Impact long to captivate and mesmerize players with its ruminating and beautiful open-world setting. The map of Genshin Impact is big enough, that it would seem almost impossible for a player to visit every location in the game.

Apart from completing quests to help players level up to earn more points, players also have the liberty to chill and explore the vast open world of Genshin Impact. Luhua Pool is the most beautiful location one should explore in Genshin Impact. Indeed, there are so many other cool places such as Qingce Village which is the most peaceful area. Wangshu Inn holds a fascinating piece of architecture that’s built upon a massive stone pillar.

genshin impact
The captivating view in the map of Genshin Impact

However, Luhua Pool is the purest garden you can find in the game. It is an ancient garden that is filled with pure and deep affection. Located in Qiongji Estuary, Liyue, it also has certain specialties like Cor Lapis and fantastic quests like the Luhua Landscape quest. After a tough session of gameplay fighting bosses and enemies, taking a nice stroll in Luhua Pool is definitely a must-try.

3. Wilderless

Creator of Nimian Legends has released another breathtaking stress-free open-world exploration game titled Wilderless. Similar to Nimian Legends, Wilderless allows you to explore a vast and beautiful open world where you can go anywhere at any time.

The game offers a true sense of gorgeousness with its locations. It is by far more beautiful than its predecessor in terms of quality and exploration. Most open-world games have you fighting enemies, killing stuff to survive, or running from bad guys. But with Wilderless it’s totally different experience. There are no bad guys, no surprise enemy attacks, or a storyline to complete. You have a gigantic open world all to yourself, that’s pretty much it. Your only quest is to explore nature, enjoy its beauty, and gaze upon breathtaking views.

Top Mobile Games Best Locations
Explore the vast and beautiful open-world in Wilderless!

There’s endless activities to do in this game. You can swim and enjoy crystal clear water and also enjoy the view of mountains and tall trees all around you. Players can also enjoy boat rides in the game and its also a great way to enjoy the nice views it offers. And if that’s not fun enough, you can decide to do something a little bit sporty. You can put on skates and hit the ice which gives the coolest views at sunset.

4. Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 returns with a larger, better, and beautiful map with tons of really cool locations to explore. Since its release, a great number of players have often regarded it as the best-looking adventure game on iOS by building a brand-new experience right on the shoulder of classic video games.

The game includes a variety of locations for players to explore freely. Submeria is one of the most beautiful locations in the game just in the midst of The Great Lagoon. The Great Lagoon also holds a magnificent-looking reef of Submeria which is also the home of Ootheca. Ootheca is the name that was given to the beacon in Submeria. Submeria includes beautiful skies and landscapes that’ll fascinate fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise as well as long-time mobile fans of Oceanhorn.

Top Mobile Games Best Locations
Oceanhorn offers you a variety of places to explore!

Submeria also has an overlook which is the highest point in the location. This overlook can be found by searching for the vines on a couple of the tall pillar rocks. The overlook is right atop one of the south-end portions of Submeria. Players who love a gaze at the sea will definitely love Submeria and the Great Lagoon in which it resides. The game is currently available only on iOS with the devs not planning an Android release as of now.

5. Green Glass

Absolutely stunning! Green Glass is arguably the most beautiful game on mobile and yet a lot of mobile gamers have no idea it exists. Perhaps, it is due to the developer’s decision to delay the game’s availability in the Google Play and App Store or some other setback. This has resulted in the game not being widely-known.

Developed by NetEase Games, Green Glass provides some of the best and most impressive scenes and locations ever grasped on mobile. Every part of the game leads to a fascinating and beautiful location that’ll most likely compel you to spend a couple of minutes walking around and admiring the sheer quality the game provides. Since this game is in simplified Chinese, it is hard to list down the locations as they were not written in English, when playing the game. The English version of Green Glass is yet to become available on mobile, but we suspect it is in the works. We could expect a worldwide launch soon.

Top Mobile Games Best Locations
Green Glass provides some of the best and most impressive scenes and locations on mobile!

There is hardly a location you come across in the game, where you don’t stop and probably take a screenshot of its beauty. The game characters are also beautifully executed which gives away a brilliant presentation and great graphic sequences.

What are your thoughts on this list of the top mobile games which offer the best locations? Did we miss out on any game from the list? Drop in your opinions in the comment section below!

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Robert Kabwe

Thanks for sharing Wilderless in the same list as these games I really admire. I don’t do any marketing so I’m still surprised when someone has heard of my games. This is a really nice list to be included in too because I try to make games that are pretty and make players feel like they are in nature. I’m working on many updates for Wilderless including ruins and dungeons in the next update. And I am working on a new final Nimian Legends game too 🙂

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