Why is mobile gaming on the rise

Discussing all the keypoints

The past few years have seen mobile gaming as a whole move from strength to strength as a huge number of users join different gaming platforms – at the center of this growth, however, is a deep-rooted platform built around microtransactions with gambling in particular. Whilst there are more dedicated options as mobile casinos and mobile slot machines, in particular, are amongst the favorite, the big change is being seen within regular games and other genres, so what is leading the rise of mobile gambling, and can it be controlled? So let’s see the details and the root cause of the rise of mobile gaming.

The rise of mobile gaming

1. A changing audience

Where gaming was once aimed at young teen males, the demographic has very quickly changed with women over the age of 34 now making up the majority of the mobile gaming market – an older, changing audience has different tastes in gaming with familiarity in online betting and gambling being a prime example of some of the favorites – as the audience becomes more skewed in mobile gaming towards this older audience, it’s no surprise that preferred gaming options become more prevalent, and as time goes on this change will likely only continue as the audience skews toward more one side than the other.

2. Microtransactions fuel the industry

With the majority of mobile games being offered for free, services needed another way to generate revenue – this largely came in the form of subscription-based play, premium features, or microtransactions often rooted in things such as extra lives or a skewed form of loot boxes found in other platforms.

Fear Of Missing Out,  why is mobile gaming on the rise

Most of these transactions have changed to not offer something directly, but the chance of winning instead – this form of gambling has become so big in the gaming world as a whole that it isn’t only limited to mobile players, but with low costs, it has led to many sinking a lot of money into hopefully receiving what they’re after.

3. Ease of access has been key

Above all else, the biggest change has simply come with ease of access. Much like music through Spotify, movies through Netflix, and videos through YouTube, our mobile devices have allowed us to gain fast and immediate access to our favorite past times with little to no difficulty – players looking to bet, or gamble are now able to do so without jumping through all the hoops they used to have to and can do so any time they like.

With the other two points combined, it’s no surprise mobile gambling has been able to grow so fast as a willing audience is able to do so with little resistance to slow them down, and although regulation is slowly catching up, it may be too little too late to slow the huge growth that has been seen over the past few years, and the past year in particular.

What are your thoughts on the rise of mobile gaming? What do you expect to see in 2021 in the mobile gaming world? Let us know in the comment section!

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