99 Fails Lite: Frying Jelly’s precision platformer is now available on Early Access

Dive into the bizarre world of Neebota: 99 Fails for the first time!

When Frying Jelly’s upcoming casual precision platformer Neebota: 99 Fails comes on Steam and platforms later this year, you should start growing your hair out now since you’ll need something to pull out. Take control of Zeebo as he attempts to overcome his increasingly difficult and warped psychedelic nightmares and escape Noobota’s nightmare-inducing dreamworld as 99 Fails Lite is now available on Android and iOS devices as Early Access.

Those with an excess of follicles, on the other hand, can remedy the problem right now by diving into the bite-sized experience of 99 Fails Lite! 99 Fails Lite is a prequel to Neebota: 99 Fails that allows players to explore one of Zeebo’s numerous dream layers in its own stunning hand-drawn visual style and is available now on iOS, and Android.

Face off against a series of increasingly mind-bending layers and mechanics

As you battle to reach the end goal, Neebota: 99 Fails challenges you to traverse its dream layers, each of which has increasingly difficult levels of difficulty. Each stage has a distinct mechanic that must be mastered and defeated in order to discover the root of Zeebo’s weird dreams.

Image via Frying Jelly

As Zeebo changes into a mix of terrifying forms to haunt your own dreams, you’ll face off against a series of progressively mind-bending layers with wholly separate dynamics. These creatures range from a monstrous spider crawling towards the goal to a rushing beast with fists emerging from its eyes that must destroy a path forward. True masochists can even try the game’s Endless Mode, which allows them to play through Zeebo’s dreams indefinitely. Here are the key features of this game:

  • Plunge into the freakishly surreal dreamworld of Zeebo 
  • Test your skills (and sanity) to the absolute max
  • Take control of all of Zeebo’s bizarre forms and tackle distinct challenges in each layer
  • Experience countless bizarre creations, events, and unforgettable characters that will sear themselves into your brain 
  • Global leaderboards and high scores to showcase the best of the best
Image via Frying Jelly

The universe of Noobota in Neebota: 99 Fails is full of hallucinogenic sequences, weird constructions, and unforgettable personalities, and the game’s setting is bursting with off-the-wall aesthetics. Neebota: 99 Fails is the brainchild of Frying Jelly, a studio that has previously worked on games like Splitgate and Cooking Simulator. It demonstrates what may be released (and the suffering that can be inflicted) when developers are allowed complete creative control.

What are your thoughts as 99 Fails Lite opens for early access on both Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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