Ace Racer is now available on Android and iOS devices

Get ready to join millions of drivers worldwide!

Ace Racer is now available on Android and iOS devices. Ace Racer, a high-octane racing game for mobile devices created by NetEase Games, combines realistically rendered vehicles with quick-paced arcade action.

Ace Racer launches with exciting rewards and a limited-time vehicle

Ace Racer combines all the best aspects of racing games, including their high speed, difficult competitive modes, and extensive customization choices for both the drivers and the cars. Ace Racer stands out from the competition thanks to its unique Ultimate skill mechanic, where each car has unique actions that can be used on the track to perform tasks like flying through the air or letting it slide on one side to get around rivals. It is a popular racing game with 40 million registered downloads.

Ace Racer 40 million downloads
Image via NetEase Games

New players will receive exclusive Server Launch Perks, including freebies and challenge-based rewards. The Server Launch Perks include the following: 

  • Newbie x10 Draw: If you want a dream car at launch, you can get 10 free consecutive Supply Draws. However, if you’re unsatisfied with your draws, you can reset and take a different 10 draws. What’s impressive about this perk is that you can reset up to 50 times, giving you 510 chances to get the cars you want!
  • Training Mission Vehicles: If you complete all the newbie missions, you can claim a Porsche 911 GT2 RS and BMW M8 GTE and keep them forever. 
  • GT-R Login Reward: If you want a free GT-R for your garage, then download Ace Racer and complete the activity missions to receive a Nissan GT-R NISMO for your collection. 
  • Experience Time-Limited Legendary Accessories: All players can try out seven different Legendary outfits and car accessories, letting them deck out their character and vehicle in cool gear. 
  • Trainee Set: Go on a Photo Trip to the specified track to win the featured outfit.

Ace Racer will be released at the same time as the Excalibur, a temporary vehicle that has arrived at Speedfest. The Triple Thrust Ultimate in the Excalibur allows racers to put the vehicle into a multi-phase accelerated mode.

Then, they can boost an additional three times for a stronger push with a shorter duration if you use the skill once more while the effect is still in effect. Players can win many premium outfits and cars, allowing them to become the best-looking driver on the track as they pull ahead of the competition. 

Ace Racer rewards
Image via NetEase Games

Ace Racer is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play store in the United States of America, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan regions. 

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