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Activision confirmed the Call of Duty Mobile Cage map

Good news for the COD Mobile gamers. This PC port of Call of Duty is getting many features that the fans are eagerly waiting for. And maps are one of the elements. While the Cage map was a rumour a few weeks ago, finally Activision confirmed that it will be arriving in Call of Duty Mobile soon.

A few weeks ago, when the first Cage map gameplay video was leaked, many people did not pay much attention. However, today, in the discord, the official Call of Duty Mobile account announced about it,

We have more content coming in the form of scorestreaks, operator skills, operator classes in BR, credit store updates, and the next new Multiplayer map – Cage. Cage is the first brand new map for Call of Duty: Mobile and we are looking forward to seeing what you all think! But no release date on that just yet. Keep your eyes peeled.

What do we know about this COD Mobile map?

cod mobile cage map
Cage map in Call of Duty Mobile

Based on urban terrain, this new map will be exclusively for multiplayer mode. As explained in the photo above, the map will have 2 main entrances. COD Mobile Cage map will be suitable for close combat encouraging intense fights. The rumour that was previously heard about Cage map, talked about featuring Tencent’s Headquarter present in China and Shenzen. Now, as the old leak is confirmed, it will be interesting to see how they look like inside the arena of Call of Duty Mobile!

When Cage map will release in Call of Duty Mobile

While the COD Mobile development team have confirmed the arrival of Cage map, they did not mention anything about the release. But players may expect the release to happen by the end of Season 3 or, early Season 4.

Here is a video that shows the gameplay in this new map of Call of Duty Mobile.

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