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5 Things Call of Duty Mobile doesn’t tell us

Call of Duty Mobile has become the biggest hit of 2019. With a huge fan base, the game has conquered the biggest chunk of mobile gamers community within a short period of time. Although there are no question on the quality of the game, there are certain things that Call of Duty Mobile does not tell us at the first place. So let us take a look at them one by one.

1. Players will encounter bots initially

Call it a good thing or a bad thing, beginners will start playing with bots. The case is the same for both the multiplayer and battle royale game modes. While avoiding bots in multiplayer modes are easier in multiplayer, battle royale games can be boring. Multiplayer matches are fast-paced and finished quickly. So players get to rank up quickly. But the battle royale matches are lengthly. Also, it has been seen that, in the case of Call of Duty Mobile, players mostly prefer the multiplayer modes. So less number of gamers = more bots inside the match.

2. Character skins do not add any value

So yeah, in many games the skins give a small boost to the character abilities. In Call of Duty Mobile, the character skins are just normal skins. It will look make the character look different, nothing else.

Call of Duty Mobile doesn't tell us, Player skin in call of duty mobile
Player skin in Call of Duty Mobile

3. Players can go prone

Call of Duty Mobile does not show any option to the players to prone inside a match. But there is a crouch button. Holding the crouch button will allow the players to go prone in the game. Going prone is no doubt a useful option. But yeah the game does not tell that to the players in the first place.

4. Collection of Rewards

There are always plenty of events inside the game. For each of them, players need to check-in and collect. Failing to collect the rewards before the event ends will not let the players to collect them. Same goes for the season tier rewards. However, the level up rewards will be stacked and can be collected later.

5. Players can shoot underwater

In the battle royale game mode, players may need to go to underwater sometimes. But the good thing is, underwater shooting is allowed.

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These are indeed some of the things that Call of Duty Mobile doesn’t tell us. What do you think, which one of them is the most important? Or do you have something else to add on this list? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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