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Adelamyth introduces its Halloween 2022 update with new events and rewards

Spooky dark fantasy content awaits!

As Halloween approaches, most mobile games will have a tonne of seasonal upgrades and events. Adelamyth, the casual Idle RPG is joining the party, offering fresh Halloween 2022 update full of events and rewards that will be accessible for only a short while, according to a recent announcement from Loongcheer Game.

AdelaMyth: Casual Idle RPG, created by Loongcheer Game, introduces players to supernatural sights and dark fantasy by incorporating Cthulhu elements and comic book style. It offers players numerous options for battle formations and more than 70 heroes spread across six elements. The game offers players extremely rich PVE and PVP gameplay. Fans of tactical combat will find it to be a good choice.

Adelamyth Halloween update 2022 brings a new Halloween skin for Summoners

Adelamyth Halloween Update 2022
Berial New Halloween Skin (Image via Loongcheer Game)

On October 31st, the Halloween update will go live. To commemorate the occasion, Adelamyth releases a new Halloween skin along with some festival advantages. During the event, summoners will receive the best deal for their skin to have a new appearance.

Adelamyth Halloween update 2022 features amazing gameplay events and exciting rewards

Adelamyth Halloween Update 2022
Image via Loongcheer Game

Summoners will have the chance to take part in additional time-limited events to mark the release of this game update, where they may win prizes like Halloween-themed gifts and more:

  • A great deal for New Halloween skin: Berial skin with an attribute bonus for the new Halloween skin. Adelamyth offers the best deal to all players to celebrate the Tricky party.
  • Tricky Adventure gameplay: Playing a tricky adventure game gives players the chance to encounter unexpected events and earn valuable rewards. Tricky Dice was created specifically as a Halloween adventure. Gifts would be received per wealthy event targets.
  • More best deal in the game store: Additionally, players can purchase Tricky Treasure Chests at the lowest cost in the game store.
  • A new gameplay- Eidolon: Eidolon is now used as an additional attribute bonus in new gameplay.

Are you ready to enjoy the Tricky Party, summoners?

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