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Aether Gazer brings “Where the Butterfly Belongs” update with new events, S-grade modifiers, and more

Experience a captivating new storyline!

The latest event of the anime-themed action RPG Aether Gazer, named “Where the Butterfly Belongs,” has been released and is now accessible to players. This update introduces a captivating new storyline and a wide range of features, including a time-bound event, four fresh Modifiers, two additional ultimate skillchains, and a diverse array of rewards. Players can participate in the event from August 1st until September 4th, 2023.

The Story of “Where the Butterfly Belongs” in Aether Gazer

The mesmerizing impact of the Phantom Butterfly remains evident in Ain Soph, creating difficulties even for the Administrator, who has been witnessing the emergence of dark butterflies. As a result, the once peaceful Duskfall Area in Ain Soph experiences a violent earthquake, turning it into a disaster-ridden zone. In the midst of the wreckage, a meeting occurs between the Administrator and a young girl named Hel, who becomes the central figure of the upcoming tale.

Aether Gazer introduces limited-time event with various rewards in the latest update

During the limited-time event, which spans from August 1st to September 4th, 2023 Administrators are presented with the opportunity to engage in a variety of gameplay modes and acquire numerous rewards. These rewards encompass Shifted Stars, Ain Soph Coins, Battle Records T3, and other valuable items.

Furthermore, as Administrators complete different event levels, they will earn Lost Seedbanes, which can be exchanged for additional premium supplies at the Supplies Exchange center. Moreover, a 7-day Sign-In event has been prepared specifically for Administrators. By simply logging in during this event, they can access various rewards, such as Coolants, Spirit Extract T3, and more.

Aether Gazer “Where the Butterfly Belongs” update introduces new modifiers

During the event, Premium Precise Scan “Deepnight Darkstar” and Precise Scan “Ephemeral Fantasy” will be made available, offering a drop-rate boost that increases the likelihood of acquiring the four newly introduced Modifiers. 

S-Grade Modifier: Darkstar – Hel

Aether Gazer S-Grade Modifier Darkstar - Hel
Image via Yostar Games

Hel’s dark childhood experiences have fostered a reserved personality, which has consequently equipped her with the skill to effectively dismantle the Encroacher Type Visbane disguised as a human. As a shadow ranged Modifier, she excels in dealing both single target and AOE attribute damage, offering easy-to-master combos. Regardless of the team she is placed in, she can serve as a primary source of damage output.

S-Grade Modifier: Phantasmal Dawn – Hera

Phantasmal Dawn – Hera, as a light element ranged Modifier, not only possesses the capacity for group damage in combat but also provides teammates with increased damage and attack boosting support.

Aether Gazer S-Grade Modifier Phantasmal Dawn - Hera
Image via Yostar Games

A-Grade Modifier: Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu

Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu is a light element Modifier from the Shinou gen-zone. Her skills can immobilize enemies, performing well in both single-target and group scenarios. If an Administrator’s team needs to enhance damage output, she is an excellent choice.

A-Grade Modifier: Windwalker – Hermes

Windwalker – Hermes is a wind element Melee Modifier, whose unique passive mechanism allows her to swiftly approach and launch attacks against enemies, effectively causing rapid defeat.

Aether Gazer brings new functors for new Modifiers and new ultimate skillchains

In conjunction with the launch of new Modifiers, four new functors are also introduced in this update. Equipping them can significantly enhance the damage efficiency of Modifiers:

  • 5-Star Functor Elf – Muriel (Recommended Modifier: Darkstar – Hel)
  • 5-Star Shikigami – Kurodooji (Recommended Modifier: Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu)
  • 5-Star Functor Herald – Miriam (Recommended Modifier: Phantasmal Dawn – Hera)
  • 5-Star Herald – Pegasus (Recommended Modifier: Windwalker – Hermes)

Alongside the arrival of new Modifiers, two new ultimate skillchains are also being introduced:

  • Comet Circling: Darkstar – Hel & Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu
  • Starwind: Phantasmal Dawn – Hera & Windwalker – Hermes

Grab amazing new arrivals at the store

The Aether Gazer “Where the Butterfly Belongs” update offers an extensive collection of thrilling new items in the in-game store, including the Butterfly Dreams outfit for Darkstar – Hel and the Bluesky Realm outfit for Phantasmal Dawn – Hera. Moreover, a series of Exclusive Packs for Darkstar – Hel and Phantasmal Dawn – Hera are available to assist Administrators in effortlessly enhancing these two S-Grade Modifiers.

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