FC Mobile 24 February 2024 Star Pass brings new TOTY (Team of the Year)-themed rewards

There's a lot to offer in this month's Star Pass!

The new season of FC Mobile is in full swing! The Star Pass as it has been runs simultaneously with a particular event and hands out in-game Resources such as Coins, Gems, FC Points, and other Cosmetic Items including Emotes and Kits. With the release of the new season, Electronic Arts has made certain changes to the FC Mobile 24 Star Pass as event-specific resources are now absent from the Free and Paid sections of the Star Pass

With the February month now arriving, EA has introduced its latest Star Pass for the FC Mobile. As the Star Pass is running parallel with the TOTY (Team of the Year) event, there are event-specific kits, emotes, and the featured event player at the end: 94 OVR CM Kevin De Bruyne.

FC Mobile 24 February 2024 Star Pass Season: TOTY event

As mentioned earlier, with the onset of FC Mobile, event-specific resources or currencies are now not included in the Star Pass. So if you are exclusively looking for them in a Star Pass, then probably it’s not the best way to go. To even out the playing field between all players, EA had taken this stop to prohibit players from gaining a headstart and often an unfair advantage by buying the Star Pass.

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However, the Star Pass is still pretty useful if you are looking for the best deal for in-game currencies including FC Points and Gems. If you are looking to buy yourself FC Points, the Star Pass not only provides the best value for money but also gives out other additional resources. The Pass also hands out a handsome amount of Coins, Players, and Universal Rank Players including both Dudek and Mascherano!

Now if we specifically talk about this month’s ie February’s Star Pass, the Pass features a Premium TOTY Logo and a cute TOTY Premium emote that you can share with your opponents in Division Rivals during this Holiday season. The Pass also hands out an exclusive Team of the Year Kit that you can try in the game. Additionally, the 94 OVR CM De Bruyne comes as the final reward. Although this is KdB’s TOTY Nominee version and not the UTOTY, still his passing stats can make him a worthy inclusion for your squad.

FC Mobile 24 February 2024 Star Pass Rewards

The Star Pass has awards on both its Free and Premium side with the Premium Rewards of course being more lucrative and rewarding. The Free side of the FC Mobile Star Pass includes:

  • 2300 Gems
  • 290,000 Coins
  • 60 Pass Points
  • 8x Coin Packs
  • 1x Stadium
  • TOTY User Logo B
  • TOTY Emote
  • EA Sports Black/Silver Ball
  • Purple Boots
  • 120x 60-69 OVR Players
  • 3x 75-85 OVR Players
  • Universal Rank Player – Dudek
  • 80-89 OVR Player
  • 89 OVR Player

Additionally, the Premium Paid users buying the Star Pass will receive everything from the above Free section of the Star Pass and additionally:

  • 1500 FC Points
  • 1600 Gems
  • 3,330,000 Coins
  • 120 Pass Points
  • 8x Coin Packs
  • Premium TOTY User Logo B
  • TOTY Premium Emote
  • Team of the Year Kit
  • 110x 65-72 OVR Players
  • 3x 85-92 OVR Players
  • Universal Rank Player – Dudek
  • Universal Rank Player – Mascherano
  • 91-93 OVR TOTY Player
  • 1x Random Previous Star Pass Players Vinicius/Foden/Son
  • 92 OVR RW Ousmane Dembélé
  • 94 OVR CM Kevin De Bruyne

How to level up and progress through the Star Pass

Like in previous seasons, FC Mobile players will need to earn Star Pass Credits. Star Pass Credits is the currency that will help you to progress through the Star Pass. Additionally, people can buy the Premium Star Pass Bundle from the Store to get a headstart in the Star Pass with an additional 2000 Star Pass Credits. There is the list of following ways how to earn Star Pass Credits in the game:

1. Grind out Division Rivals Matches

Division Rivals is the key to everything. Be it leveling up or earning Star Pass credits, completing your quota of Division Rivals matches gives you a massive headstart in the Star Pass.

Image via Electronic Arts

One can progress through the Star Pass in no time provided they complete the Daily Grind of 10 VSA and 10 H2H matches regularly. Additionally playing the Division Rivals will help in progressing through your Daily Quests as well so you can complete quest objectives on the go!

2. Play the Event Skill Games and Matches

At any point in FC Mobile, there always will be an event with a Star Pass running simultaneously. Don’t forget to play through every Skill Game and Matches. Although the Skill Games individually don’t hand out enough Star Pass Credits, they get accumulated real quick if you complete them regularly

3. Keep Completing the Daily Quest regularly

The most obvious method for earning Star Pass Credits: Daily and Weekly Quests. These Quests should be completed regularly without fail to earn easy Star Pass Credits and progress through the Star Pass.

Image via Electronic Arts

The Quests are often simple and can be completed by just doing simple activities and logging into the game every day.

If you are just starting with FC Mobile, don’t hesitate to check our guide on How to Level up quickly and How to get some quick Gems! Also, if you have come across Universal Rank Players in the game, check out our guide on how to utilize them efficiently.

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