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Aether Gazer version 1.1 update brings new S-Grade Modifiers, exclusive storylines, and more

Enjoy limited-time event with various rewards!

Aether Gazer, an anime-themed action RPG, is filled with excitement as it unveils its inaugural summer event, coinciding with the launch of version 1.1 titled Countertide Whalesong. This latest update brings forth a variety of captivating additions for players to indulge in. Participants set sail on an underwater adventure, partake in demanding temporary endeavors, obtain two S-Grade Modifiers, and uncover enticing fresh costumes.

Aether Gazer version 1.1 unveils the story of Countertide Whalesong and brings new challenges

Countertide Whalesong is set to occur from June 27, 2023, at 16:00 (UTC-7), to August 1, 2023, at 15:00 (UTC-7). The v1.1 update of the game disrupts the players’ intended plans when they unexpectedly embark on a sea expedition. While navigating the vast ocean, their voyage takes an unforeseen twist as they become entangled in a mysterious and dangerous maritime catastrophe. This marks the beginning of the puzzling summer island adventure known as Desert Island and Beneath the Waves.

During the event, players have the opportunity to partake in a wide range of challenges such as Island Exploration, Storm Beacon, Azure Catch, Bubble Realm, Inverse Limit Simulation, Battlefield Simulation, and more. By successfully conquering these trials, players can acquire a valuable currency called P-FLO, which can be traded for coveted items like Sigil Module T3, Reconstructors, Origin Radiance, and other resources used for cultivation.

Aether Gazer version 1.1 update will feature new Modifiers, Ultimate Skillchains, and Functors

New Modifiers

  • S-Grade Modifier: Waverender – Skadia: Skadi, a Modifier hailing from the Yggdrasill Gen-zone. Her Access Key, Waverender, grants her two distinct combat forms. She excels in both close-quarters and long-range combat, exhibiting impressive damage output.
  • S-Grade Modifier: Countertide – Leviathan: Leviathan, a perpetually energetic and endearingly naive Modifier. Leviathan leans towards cooperative teamwork, providing significant resistance bonuses and substantial healing capabilities. These traits have made her a popular choice among support roles. 
  • A-Grade Modifier: Thundertusk – Kali: Kali is a member of the Asterism Gen-zone. With Thundertusk as her Access Key, Kali exhibits powerful mechanics and an impressive damage multiplier. Her Ultimate Skill grants a team-wide damage boost, further amplifying her effectiveness in battle.
Aether Gazer version 1.1 s grade rate up
Aether Gazer version 1.1

New Ultimate Skillchains

The Ultimate Skillchain is one of the core gameplay mechanics in Aether Gazer. This update adds three new Ultimate Skillchains:

  • Waves of Thunder´╝łWaverender – Skadi x Thundertusk – Kali´╝ë
  • Chillbound (Waverender – Skadi x Drifting Flurry – Leviathan)
  • Tidal Frost (Countertide – Leviathan x Frost Fang – Vidar)

New Functors

  • 5-star Yggdrasill Functor: Elf – Grey: Recommended for the Modifier Waverender – Skadi.
  • 5-star Asterism Functor: Synchronic – Takshaka: Recommended for the Modifier Thundertusk – Kali
  • 5-star Asterism Functor: Synchronic – Separ: Recommended for the Modifier Countertide – Leviathan.

Version 1.1 update brings a variety of exciting new items to the in-game store

The v1.1 update introduces an assortment of captivating additions to the in-game store. Among them are the Summer Lovin attire for Jin-ei – Kuninotokotachi and the Summer Blush outfit for Early Sakura – Ookuninushi.

These fashionable ensembles enable players to adorn their characters with trendy summer clothing, injecting a renewed and lively appearance into their gameplay. Moreover, a collection of exclusive Skadi Packs awaits players, providing effortless assistance in boosting Skadi’s abilities.

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