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AFK Arena X Persona 5: The Phantom Thieves are set to join the AFK Arena Hero line-up

The new year brings more exciting heroes in AFK Arena!

Lilith Games just announced that two iconic stars from ATLUS Games acclaimed PERSONA5 are joining the cast of its idle-RPG, AFK Arena as a part of the epic AFK Arena X Persona 5 crossover. JOKER and QUEEN, two of the most recognizable heroes from the J-RPG’s team of Phantom Thieves, are jumping straight from Tokyo’s streets and into the world of Esperia where they are going to steal players’ hearts.

The two Heroes will be free to try as part of the forthcoming New Year update on December 30th, when players can experiment with them before deciding if they want to add JOKER and QUEEN to their squad from the in-game store where they will be on sale until February 27th

AFK Arena X Persona 5 crossover: How will JOKER & QUEEN be in-game?

PERSONA5’s dungeon-crawling, turn-based combat blends perfectly with AFK Arena’s idle-RPG action in this latest AFK Arena X Persona 5 crossover.  Both JOKER and QUEEN look stunning in AFK’s striking visuals, while still retaining their instantly recognisable and iconic style. Both characters bring a unique set of skills to the battlefield. JOKER can summon the persona ARSENE to his side to unleash powerful attacks, such as the devastating Maeigaon that deals an instant crushing blow to foes. QUEEN can also call upon her persona JOHANNA, a powerful motorcycle that unleashes her devastating Stationary Drifter Ultimate attack, this creates a Nuclear Tornado that rains down multiple strikes on opponents.

AFK Arena X Persona 5

For fans of the Phantom Thieves, the New Year update also features an exclusive themed PVE dungeon.  Players must pick a Hero and dive into the maze of their heart to obtain the truths locked within. Exploring the Metaverse and battling enemies earns players XP and incredible rewards using JOKER and QUEEN to traverse the maze safely. 

Are you excited about the upcoming AFK Arena X Persona 5 crossover in the New Year update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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