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Alchemy Stars brings a new limited-time event Lumination’s Descent with exciting rewards

Enjoy the exciting new content!

Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio have jointly announced the launch of a new limited-time event called Lumination’s Descent in Alchemy Stars. This event, Lumination’s Descent, includes various exciting features such as Team Battle mode, the Illumina Supply Center event store, Aurorian Trial Stages, as well as enticing Limited Time Log-In rewards, among other offerings.

Alchemy Stars Lumination’s Descent event brings exciting new content

Lumination’s Descent event features:

New Main Story Episode  

Episode 15: The Glint of Embers Reignited and Episode 16: As Dusk Befalls Gannon of the Main Story will be available. Clear stages 16-14 for the first time and receive the 6-Star Aurorian Vice: Keen Sight Solamber. 

Main Story Campaign Event – Hourglass of Fate

Clear Main Story stages for the first time during the event to get Hourglasses of Fate. When players meet the Hourglass of Fate collection targets, they can claim Lumamber, Recharge Packs, Nightiums, and upgrade materials.

Limited-Time Recruitments

6 Star Aurorian Yingel and Leo will be obtainable during the limited-time Dulcet Rhapsody and Iron Thorn Crown events. Both Aurorians will not be obtainable from other recruitment banners during this event period. 

Alchemy Stars Lumination's Descent new character
Image via Level Infinite

Limited-Time Team Battle Mode

During the event, 1 stage will be unlocked every day for a total of 6 stages. There will be many event points in each stage including battle points, plot points, quest points, chest points, and more. Gronru will guide Team Leo and Team Yiongel to explore along the route and reach all event points. 

Lumination’s Descent Rewards and Bonuses

During the event, players can clear specified stages that consume Prism to get additional Supplies Passes and spend Supplies Passes in the Illumina Supply Center to draw rewards. Players can also get up to 150 Lumamber after clearing the trial stages of the 3 new Aurorians. 

Once Lumination’s Descent is live, 120 Prism and 2 Carriers will be issued every day to help Navigators participate in the event. To Commemorate the release of the new Main Story episodes, players can receive Avatar: Sword-Wielding Leo,  500 Lumamaber, 50,000  Nightium, and a Recharger Pack

Are you excited about the Lumination’s Descent event in Alchemy Stars? Let us know in the comment section below!

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