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Alchemy Stars introduces limited-time Etched Upon the Ocean event with exclusive rewards

With new Aurorians and quests, explore the deep and learn the secrets of the ocean!

Level Infinite and TourDog Studio, publishers of well-known games like Dune: Spice Wars and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt introduces Etched Upon the Ocean event with a brand-new 6-Star Aurorian, events, bonuses, and unlockables with an ocean theme in Alchemy Stars. Players can check the full details of the Winter events here.

Through the Etched Upon the Ocean event, get ready to sail the high seas! The water is teaming with prizes like Lumamber and upgrade materials as a new tale invites Navigators to explore intriguing ships. Additionally, more furnishings are available to buy for your Cloud Gardens. And for a limited time, the number of new 6-Star Aurorians will grow.

Players can obtain exclusive rewards from Etched Upon the Ocean event

The Alchemy Stars Etched Upon the Ocean event has the following events and exclusive rewards:

  • Earn Special Rewards Through the Etched Upon the Ocean Event: This event not only has a completely original plot, but Navigators can also get Lin Guild Promissory Notes to get more than 1,300 Lumamber until February 8, 2023.
  • New 6-Star Aurorian Mu Yuebai Arrives: For a brief period, 6-Star Aurorians Mu Yuebai and Zhong Xu will be more expensive to get. Run, don’t walk, to snag these new Aurorians because, on February 8, 2023, their separate rate-up banners will vanish.
  • Cook Up a Storm in the Cooking Frenzy Mini Game: Help Dantang prepare the “Unity Feast” by jumping into the kitchen to make up to 14 different meals and collect event gifts. Take part in tasks to get the ingredients you need to enhance your resources. Prepare these special recipes for Lumamber. The last day to access this event is February 8, 2023.

Alchemy Stars offers a variety of extras in addition to the Etched Upon the Ocean event, including unique cosmetic outfits for some Aurorians, limited-time recruitment banners, and special recharge packs.

Are you excited about the Etched Upon the Ocean event in Alchemy Stars? Let us know in the comment section below!

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