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AlchiMerge: PocApp Studios’ new puzzle title is set to release on June 7

Craft, Sell and Decorate in your very own Alchemy Shop!

PocApp Studios AB has announced that AlchiMerge, their latest game, is now open for global pre-registrations on both Android and iOS ahead of their planned release on June 7th, 2022. The game has been previously available as a soft launch in a limited number of countries. Ever fantasized about having an Alchemy Shop? It’s possible with PocApp Studios’ latest mobile game, AlchiMerge. This game adds a new dimension to merge games by allowing players to Craft, Sell, and Decorate in their own Alchemy Shop.

Experience a fresh twist in the ever-expanding merge-genre

Players can combine, merge, and produce resources on the Vortex Isles, to stock their Alchemy Shop with ingredients. Along the way, they can make friends with other travelers to refine their talents and learn more about the Vortex Isles’ mysteries.

Image via PocApp Studios AB

Fans of PocApp Studios’ earlier games, Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs, will be able to meet their favorite characters in a brand new style. Quests from new and veteran heroes will reveal unique stories about the characters and the world of Anima as you complete them.

Players can use the ingredients collected to create and sell magical products to the people who come to their shop. They can also decorate their business by earning gold, ensuring maximum client happiness and profit. Join forces with other Shop Owners to build prosperous cities and strong partnerships between Humans, Catanians, and Lupinians.

Explore the exciting world of Anima in AlchiMerge

AlchiMerge, set in the same universe as PocApp Studios’ earlier games Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs, examines the future of this unpredictable and intriguing planet known as Anima.

Begin as an aspiring entrepreneur and establish an Alchemy Shop on the Vortex Isles. Customize your Shop Owner to your own liking using AlchiMerge’s extensive avatar customization and start your adventure either as a Human, Catanian (Cat), or Lupinian (Dog), the choice is yours.

Image via PocApp Studios AB

The kingdoms of Catania and Lupinia used to dwell apart, but that all changed when the Great Tremor struck, causing a Rift Storm in the middle of the sea. Dimensional rifts began to form out of magical thunder, revealing the planet as a whole new archipelago known as Vortex Isles, a land of wondrous ruins, magical flora, and never-ending storm clouds.

Some of the key features of the game include:

  • Popular merge gameplay 
  • Manage your own Alchemy Shop
  • Story-driven content
  • Avatar and Shop customization
  • Collaborate with other players
  • Invest in your city to improve production
AlchiMerge soft launch
Image via PocApp Studios AB

Aftre being available as a soft launch in the selected regions of  Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, and Poland for Android and iOS devices, the game will finally release fully on June 7th, 2022. AlchiMerge will release as a free game for both Android and iOS.

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