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Alfa Bravo’s Combat Master Mobile has made a return on Android and iOS

Brand new trailer for the game has been released

Combat Master Mobile is gearing up for a return after its removal from the Google Play Store and App Store that came after its short-lived popularity.

Update: On 25th December, as promised by the devs, Combat Master has finally made a revamped return on both Android and iOS and has started its beta testing phase!

The game first blew up shortly after its release and was heralded as a ripoff of CoD: Modern Warfare (2019) for mobile. A large player base quickly formed around the game with content creators promoting it as well. However, a cease and desist notice from the Call of Duty: Mobile developers led to the game being taken down. Alfa Bravo then announced a sequel to Combat Master that would exclude any UI elements that could lead to another notice for IP infringement.

Sequel to Combat Master set to release soon

The new trailer for the game showed off quite a bit of gameplay that doesn’t really seem to be an upgrade from the previous versions but does add a couple of newer elements like the atomic missile (Combat Master’s take on nukes) and the option to add friends to play with.

Combat Master atomyc missile, combat master mobile
Image via Alpha Bravo

There’s no release date yet but the developers have specified that the game will be “coming soon” so the release is probably pretty close. However, there was an official announcement regarding an open beta so that’s likely going to come first.

Although the developers tried to compromise on their original title to keep it running, they eventually had to go with plan B which basically was to bring back the game with some changes to what the game looks like in order to avoid further copyright claims.

Considering how quickly Combat Master built up a fanbase, it should be expected that the new game will also be able to get a strong following upon release because of how it presented itself as a competitor to CoDM since both have similar fast-paced gameplay. The game is currently available as a beta on Google Play and App Store for players. The devs have already confirmed that they will fix any bugs and glitches that appear in this phase and reward the players who made in-app purchases in the last game. Although they have also added, player progression can’t be transferred to the new game due to legal issues.

Are you excited about the return of Combat Master? Do let us know in the comments below!

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