Among Us: Red is the most popular color reveals Innersloth

Red is the most sus color

Innersloth has revealed which are the most popular and which ones are the least popular colors among users in the game. Surprisingly, Red is the most popular color as per the data. Also, Among Us emerged as one of the most popular games in 2020. With the game-winning two major awards at the Game Awards 2020, the game has become a sensation now.

Among Us does not provide you with many customizations for your bean-shaped space explorer. But to distinguish among players it lets you choose a unique color for your character. The mobile edition of the game offers players a total of 12 colors and 40+ hats for free. However, other hats, as well as all other cosmetics in the game is available to buy from the shop. Recently it was also reported that Imposters have a higher percentage of wins than their fellow Crewmates.

Innersloth reveals data on Colors

According to the recent tweet by Among Us, it shows that Red, Black and White are the most popular colours. While Lime, Brown and Green are the least-used colors. A red crewmate is used for promotional artwork for Among Us. This makes it a highly preferred pick among players.

Among Us imposters have higher win rate Among Us Red Color

With a maximum of 10 players choosing among 12 colors, there will always be 2 colors which will not be selected. This has prompted a lot of speculation and research about which hues are the most and least popular.

Everyone surely has their personal preferences when it comes to choosing their character colors, and the stats show the results as above. Probably with this data, the users will now choose these endangered colors rather instantly locking on the red color, and help make the stat better because none of the three colors deserves to be the least favorite ones.

What is your opinion on Among Us’s most popular and least popular color? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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i like white color the msot with crown on his head and orange skin

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