Among Us: Stats shows Imposters are having a higher win rate than Crewmates

Deceit is the new norm

Among Us is reaching new heights in the year 2020, where the pandemic did help the social deduction game in growing to the name it is now at the end of the year. The game not only topped the list of the most downloaded mobile game of 2020 but also bagged several accolades like the Joystick Breakthrough Award. While we check the stats, the official Twitter account of Among Us recently shared an interesting stat, where it was shown that players playing as Imposters have a higher win rate in comparison to the ones playing as crewmates. Of course, you can take up the only role in the game, and these stats are worth giving a thought.

Among Us: Imposters have a higher win rate

Among Us imposters have higher win rate

So, to start things off, we’ll view this from a statistical point of view. According to the official handle of Among Us, 57.69% of the time, Imposters are winning, while the Crewmates win 42.31% of the match. In simple math, nearly 6 out of 10 matches are won by the players who play as imposters. While we don’t have the exact breakdown of the stats depending on how many imposters are considered in a match, we can clearly see imposters play smarter and execute their plan successfully compared to the crewmates. However, the interesting part is to get the data based on Imposters per match, as you can have 1/2/3 imposters playing in one single game.

What does this mean?

Most of them aren’t surprised when the stats came out. This isn’t a shocking number as playing as an Imposter is more fun, which also gives you the freedom to betray plenty of players. Many games are in the online mode, matched with random players worldwide, and on the platform, you would not know each other. It is easy to be deceived, and the imposter with a correct game can win rounds with ease. While Imposter has to fake tasks and clear out the crewmates, the rest will have to complete tasks and identify the odd one among them before it’s too late.

Also, you would see that most of the players prefer playing as Imposters, and they will already know how to make the best of it. But for the ones who are keen on playing as an Imposter, just like Leo Tolstoy said, Anything is better than lies and deceit!

What the fans had to say

Fans welcomed the stats with open arms, as they even had their say on this, in a more comical way. While most of them joked around, some were interested to know stats which are interesting such as rooms where the crewmates are killed the most (maybe we all know the answer for this one), the color of the imposter with highest wins, the color of the player which is targeted by the rest of the players during ejection, what is more common, kills wins, vote wins, or sabotage wins? etc. Few of the fan responses are shared here:

We hope to receive more such interesting stats of Among Us in the coming weeks!

Do let us know in the comment section about Imposters having a higher win rate over Crewmates in Among Us!

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