Among Us Roadmap Reveal: Everything you need to know

Lots of new and exciting stuff about to arrive!

Ever since its release back in June of 2018, Among Us has really proven to be a hit among players in the pandemic era. With Twitch streams taking over, where viewers can enjoy the game, the game has reached over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and topped most downloaded mobile games charts of Q3 2020. Earlier today, the Innersloth team had taken to Twitter and made certain big announcements regarding their upcoming plans for the game. In this article, we will be summing up everything we know of the recent Among Us Roadmap Reveal and our brief analysis of what these updates could mean for Among Us players. It is expected that these new features will be rolled out gradually over a series of updates, rather than all at once. Game on!

These changes will include a look into their plans to introduce new Crewmate Colours, expand game sizes up to 15-players, slight graphics update, and mobile controller support. Alongside all this, they have also teased a new map referred to as ‘Map 5‘ and introduced several in-game achievements, new roles and ways to play, all-new game mode, visor cosmetics, Among Us coming to consoles, and much more which is yet to be revealed.

The Among Us Roadmap Reveal

1. Expanding game sizes up to 15 players

Among Us Roadmap Reveal
The current game lobby in Among Us can have a maximum of 10 players

To start the series of exciting revealed features, the developer team at Innersloth has mentioned on the Among Us Roadmap Reveal that the next big update of Among Us will support 15 players for each lobby. This is an increase from the current 10-player games. With that being said, it is believed that there have been changes made to the game mechanics, where the number of imposters per game will also be changed. Until further confirmation from Innersloth, there is no prior update on the game mechanics update at the moment.

2. New Crewmate Colours and Skins

Among Us Roadmap Reveal
The 12 Crewmate Colours in Among Us at the moment

Another exciting new feature that is set to be released in the next big update is the introduction of the new crewmate colours in-game. In the Among Us Roadmap Reveal on YouTube, new crewmate colours such as Coral, Tan, Rose, Maroon, Banana, Gray respectively. The ‘new skins‘, however, were not shown in the YouTube video. With these new Crewmate Colours being introduced, it will bring the total amount of Crewmate Colours available in-game to 18. This is an increase from the initial number of 12.

3. Slight graphics update

In the developer log, it has also been mentioned that a slight graphics update will be released in the next big update of Among Us. However, there isn’t any official information regarding the details of the upcoming graphics update at the moment.

4. Mobile Controller Support

With the developer log, another interesting feature which has been mentioned is the upcoming mobile controller support feature, which will be released in the next big update of Among Us. With this feature being introduced, it is believed that players can link their Xbox or PlayStation controllers to their mobile device to be used in-game. Although it is unclear how the various buttons on the controllers will be used in-game. A small part of the controller usage can be seen in the Roadmap Reveal YouTube video, where the ‘X’ button being used to report dead bodies, while the ‘A’ button can be used by the Impostor to sabotage. Further information regarding this feature is not available at the moment.

5. New Map ‘Map 5

Among Us Roadmap Reveal
Official Information of Map 5 in Among Us

Down the developer log, the first of many features reveals a brand-new map that has been referred as ‘Map 5’. There is only a small cropped picture of a button or toggle of some sort. Although further information, we can expect this button to be included in this new map.

6. In-game Achievements

Among Us Roadmap Reveal
New achievements in Among Us is set to be introduced

A screenshot included in the Roadmap Reveal Youtube video shows a pop-up at the bottom of the screen. This is accompanied by the text ‘Achievement Unlocked: Get 5 total kills!’. Additionally, in the developer log, these in-game Achievements are referred to as ‘For anyone who wants to prove they are pros at the game’. With that being said, there will likely be a range of achievements in the game for players. Players will be entitled to obtain upon completing the required tasks. Further information regarding the Achievements, as well as their requirements, are not available at the moment.

7. Account linking between platforms

This feature is believed to allow players to save all their in-game data and cosmetics. The in-game data can be linked to different platforms of the player’s choice. The introduction of this feature is sure to bring much more convenience to cross-platform players. Players can now to save their account progress as well as get their hands to previously purchased in-game cosmetics.

8. New roles and ways to play

New Sheriff Role is set to be introduced

An upcoming feature which is worthy to take note of, is the introduction of new roles to the game. In the Among Us Roadmap Reveal YouTube video, two crewmates, with the names ‘Sheriff’ and ‘Scientist’ can be seen overhead. They are seen wearing a police uniform and lab suit respectively. This is believed to be similar to the current ‘Impostor’ role available in-game. It is evident that the players with these two roles will have new objectives in-game. With that being said, the outcome of each game will most likely differ with the introduction of these two roles. Further information regarding these roles is yet to be available.

9. All-new game mode: Hide n’ Seek

Among Us Roadmap Reveal
A look at the all-new Hide n’ Seek game mode

In the Among Us Roadmap Reveal YouTube video, there is a short section which shows a look at the all-new Hide n’ Seek game mode from the Impostor’s perspective. Based on the video, it seems that the seeker, or in this case, the Impostor, is going around the map actively searching for the other players hiding. The other players seem to not be moving at all, even when the Impostor has spotted their location. With that being said, it is believed that the other players can now take up the role of the hider, who are unable to move after deciding on their hiding spot around the map. Another point to take note, is that the visibility power seems rather low, as seen from the persepctive of an Impostor. Further information is not available for the time being.

10. Visor Cosmetics

Among Us Roadmap Reveal
Visor Cosmetics in Among Us

For players wishing to be more playful and customize their Crewmate more, this one is for you! The introduction of new visor cosmetics in-game will allow players to have more control over their Crewmate’s appearances. This seems somewhat alike to the various props and cosmetics that can be equipped onto the Crewmate’s visors. However, the developer log has mentioned that it may block your vision. With no other information being available to us right now, we are currently unsure of the way such visor cosmetics will actually affect a player’s vision in-game.

11. Among Us coming to consoles

Console players can now rejoice! The developer log has mentioned that Among Us will be arriving at Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The release date of the game on consoles is unavailable at the moment and the announcement will be made public when they can do so. Until then, Among Us players can stick to playing on either the Android or iOS mobile devices, Windows or Nintendo Switch.

12. Developers ‘taking a nap’

Lastly, as a part of the developer’s log, the author has mentioned that they would be taking a nap “at some point”. They go on further to say that ‘the churn of capitalism is rough’. Although this information, at this point, looks vague. At the moment, we are not sure whether this will affect the game and/or its development. Nevertheless, it seems to be referring to the fact that the developer team will be ‘taking a nap’ temporarily, which would stop the game’s development at some point of time.

Final Thoughts

The Among Us Roadmap Reveal announcement has brought an insight into the game’s currently ongoing developments. Despite a look into the future with all these upcoming updates, there is a lot of information regarding the future updates that are still unavailable. These upcoming features which the developers are working on really look exciting for the entire Among Us fanbase. It is worth keeping an eye out for further information that is set to be released by the development team on these features. Until then, happy gaming!

Are you excited by the Among Us Roadmap Reveal? Do let us know in the comments below!

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