Among Us latest update will allow mobile players to stream on Twitch and Discord directly from the game

The game will now be integrated with Twitch and Discord!

Innersloth, the developers behind Among Us will release a new update, which would allow mobile gamers to stream the game on Twitch and Discord. The exciting new update is largely focused on the mobile platform as it adds direct integration with Discord and Twitch respectively.

One of the greatest hits in casual gaming last year

Among Us threw in possibly its biggest surprise of last year’s hits on casual gaming. Twitch had played a major part in making the game popular. Streamers can now easily start to kick off their broadcast directly from any compatible mobile device.

The ability for players to be able to link Discord to the game enables them to share room codes directly and easily join invites from friends on both mobile and PC. It might just help the developers fill the game’s Quick Chat feature. This feature has quite flopped in trying to keep players hooked. The new update will require players to create a full account in the game which remains live across all compatible platforms.

According to the stats on the game’s Steam base, players for Among Us has rapidly dropped since the peak of the pandemic from 176k average players in October to having slightly over 13k in the last month. Developments in the title are continuous as it progresses well towards launching on consoles.

How to stream Among Us directly on Twitch or Discord from mobile devices


Players can link the game with Discord by simply sharing a room code invite. This can be done by pressing the Discord button, which is next to the private/public button in the room lobby. Once the code-sharing is done, they can stream on the Discord channel. Other players on both mobile and PC can easily join the game directly from Discord. Likewise, PC users can also send an invite via Discord as well as join an invite.


From the pause menu of Among Us, players can see the “Start Streaming on Twitch” button. When clicked, it’ll take you to the stream setup page. You can adjust the stream to your liking and click the purple button to start the stream.

Among Us update stream Twitch directly
Streams can be done on Discord or Twitch!

The latest Among Us update has also fixed some minor bugs, such as skins not appearing in the purchase of the Airship bundle or crewmate sprites appearing as pink polygons and others. Players are advised to keep their eyes peeled out for more updates from the developers.

Are you excited by the Among Us update which will let you stream directly from Twitch or Discord? Do let us know in the comments below!

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