Angry Birds aims to make Red a mascot of mobile gaming, says Rovio’s Head of Brand Operations

Red to be the mascot of mobile gaming?

Angry Birds, is one of the popular games that every gamer across the world is familiar with. The iconic franchise, ever since the first installment came out in the year 2009, has become a well-known title and brand that nearly everyone is familiar with. In a recent interview, Eeva Aaltonen, Rovio‘s Head of Brand Operations disclosed some plans for the franchise going ahead.

Angry Birds is no doubt an extremely popular franchise all over the world which was at some point, a household name for everyone who was the least bit aware of gaming when Angry Birds first came out.

And the face of the game over the years has been none other than Red, the impulsive bird bearing the color red, hence his name. Red since his early days has been unanimously associated with anything Angry Birds related.

Elevating the brand of Angry Birds is a goal for the team, says Aaltonen

Even after over a decade since the initial release of the first Angry Birds game, it still remains to be popular and has come a long way and has even spread into other forms of entertainment, such as shows and movies. But Eeva Aaltonen, when asked about the biggest goal surrounding Angry Birds, said that the team’s aspirational goal is to push Red to become a kind of mascot for the mobile gaming world, given the ties of the game to the early days of mobile gaming and its role in making it popular.

As for the challenges, Aaltonen added that given the fact that Angry Birds has already been through its prime and is now more or less well-recognized all over the world, it would be tough to further elevate the popularity of the game and cater it to the public. She said that the team works with the intention of making the people fall in love with the brand that they are already familiar with.

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It is undoubtedly challenging to achieve the ambitious goal of turning Red, the face of Angry Birds, into a “mascot” for mobile gaming. This is because there are so many games that are equally iconic, as well as because of representation.

For example, if a single game, such as Angry Birds, were to represent the entire business, which includes a vast array of different game kinds and genres, it would not merely benefit the other games. Setting goals, though, is beneficial, and Rovio is doing so.

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