Angry Birds Summer Madness: Netflix show based on the popular mobile game to release on January 28, 2022

New series on Netflix for Angry Birds fans!

Coming in with excellent news for the fans, Rovio Entertainment has announced that Angry Birds Summer Madness will release as a new fully animated, long-form series based on the fan-favorite game Angry Birds. The show will be running from the 28th of January, 2022 on the popular global streaming platform Netflix. Even though the lore of Angry Birds isn’t new, as there have been already been 2 movies based on the game franchise, which garnered a fairly successful amount of money in the box office. But it will be the first fully animated series in the franchise.

Angry Birds Summer Madness: Overview

The series will revolve around Red, Stella, Chuck, and Bomb who has gone to a summer camp at Splinterwood along with other Angry Birds while having Mighty Eagle as their teacher.

Angry Birds Summer Madness release
Angry Birds Summer Madness: Characters in the series ( Image via Rovio)

It will feature the foils of the birds who have been portrayed as the younger teen versions of themselves in the series, as they pull pranks, go on adventures all while maintaining their bitter relations with the pigs living on the other side. It is supposed to be a light-hearted, yet engaging show which will appeal to audiences of all age groups.

The move: A win or loss for Rovio

Before coming to any conclusion, it is important to note that Angry Birds is one of the biggest casual game franchises on the mobile platform with fans of all ages. The game and everything related to it is largely popular to such an extent, that we can say for sure that the series will gather its own set of viewers.

Angry Birds Summer Madness release
Rovio has the opportunity to live up to the hype of the fans (Image via Rovio)

One very good example is League Of Legends “Arcane” released on Netflix and was met with an immediate wave of popularity, as it very soon went on to grab a spot among the most popular shows on the platform. If Angry Birds Summer Madness lives up to the expectations and hype of the fans, it can emulate a lot of success as well. There will also be stationery and merchandise related to the show which will only add to the revenue.

Final Thoughts

The announcement has surely come as a prominent thing to look forward to in the upcoming year as the fan-favorite game makes its comeback to the entertainment industry. Based on the success achieved, it can also unlock many new doors of opportunities for Angry Birds in popular media. This includes a buildup for a new movie or the release of a new themed game. All in all, we as fans are eager to see what we are offered and if it really will end up being something worth the wait.

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