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Annihilation Mobile: Bangladesh’s first battle royale game is now available on Android

Available to download for both Android and iOS devices!

Annihilation, a sci-fi south-Asian battle-royale game, is the first Bangladeshi battle-royale game. The game is now available throughout the world. An interactive, story-based, online multiplayer in a 5v5 system, it will feature 60 players in the battle-royale shooter game. Now the game is available to the global audience. Annihilation mobile is currently available to download for Android users in Bangladesh as the game gears up for a global release soon.

Annihilation Mobile: Gameplay Overview

The story will unfold as seasons progress. Players will begin to understand the Annihilation Universe. They must find a hero/agent that he likes, battling against 60 others in a BR mode. Each hero is unique and each has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to the players to make use of them. The options available to players are endless.

Annihilation: Gameplay Scenes (Image via Crisis Entertainment)

The devs have added improved additional features based on user feedback

Talking about the improved battle-royale features, the washed-out textures were removed. It has been modified to include colorful palette textures. Next, the game’s main map has been reduced to 2 x 3.7 km², down from 4×5 km².

Based on feedback from users, the user input software has been upgraded. From the previous build, the airplane, lobby, and landing system and the shooting system have been improved and are now more user-friendly. The in-app purchase system for the game has been changed. The entire UI system has been updated to be more competitive and modern. The store system has been upgraded.

Microsoft verified server now encrypts users’ accounts. Lastly, the encrypted file system that protects in-game assets multiplayer has been upgraded and modified from its previous build. Bkash and Google Pay both can be added in-game.

Season 0 can be played as an episode, that is Damien in World War II. Players will be able to understand how to preserve their timeline in this season. This season will require players to develop their character skills and persevere in the never-ending battle for survival. There will be many competitions and esports tournaments throughout this season Android users from Bangladesh can download and play the game from their respective Google Play Store’s here.

Are you excited about Annihilation being available for mobile devices? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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