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Apex Legends Mobile introduces new servers and reduces the number of bots in ranked matches

Indian players can now get a seamless Apex Legends Mobile experience

Apex Legends Mobile, the most recent heavyweight title released on mobile saw an instant spike in popularity as soon as it dropped. The netizens rushed to experience the mobile version of the PC game firsthand and enjoyed it. Although praised for its fast-paced action and dynamic gameplay, soon several problems also arose. The most prominent of them are ping and server issues and also an excessive abundance of bots in the game. Apex Legends Mobile has addressed these problems with a new server and a reduction in the number of bots.

New Indian server for the Apex Legends Mobile players

Soon after the release of the game, complaints plagued the reviews and online gaming communities. Players stated that the ping of the game was extremely unfavorable and was hindering proper gameplay. Although widespread, the issue was very prominent in the Indian subcontinent. Players often had ping spikes and had to play in upwards of 100ms to 150ms.

Anyone who has played multiplayer games previously will attest to being on the verge of being unplayable. Player movements were delayed and shots didn’t register due to this issue. Enemy players and the player in control themselves were desynced and often teleported in the game as well.

Apex Legends 60 FPS Mobile 60fps
Image via Electronic Arts

To tackle this, the developers have further optimized the game and introduced a brand new server for India. This will allow the players to have pings around the 10ms figure, which should be a prompt solution to the desync, bullet registration, and lag issues.

Bots have been reduced in ranked matches for a better gameplay experience

Bots or AI-controlled players are a fundamental unit of all lower-tier matches of basically every other multiplayer game. In the case of Apex Legends Mobile though, the early stages were infested with bots which is understandable.

But even as players ranked up and reached higher tiers, the bot-to-player ratio remained heavily tilted to the side of the bots. This heavily affected the experience players looked for in terms of skill-based matching and resulted in a loss of interest due to lack of competition.

Apex Legends Mobile new server changes and bots
Image via Electronic Arts

This problem is now taken care of, with the reduction in the number of bots and the increment in the real players in a ranked lobby. Apex Legends Mobile has had a very successful launch and developers are keen to keep the momentum going and take the game to newer heights. The two stated changes are aimed to improve player experience and would likely be a big step in the sustainability of the game.

What are your thoughts about the new server and reduction in the number of bots in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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