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Apex Legends Mobile: In-game purchases during soft launch will reward extra 25% in-game credits

Players can retain Battle Pass skins from soft launch in the global version

As the release of EA’s much anticipated mobile battle royale title Apex Legends Mobile draws closer, there has been another announcement from the developers regarding the game’s soft launch and subsequent general release, including an extra 25% credit reward on in-game purchases along with the Legend skin carryover who has unlocked it during the soft-launch.

Apex Legends Mobile: Soft launch and reward details

Apex Legends Mobile has clarified in their most recent in-game notice (pre-release disclosure) that all unlocked items and all sorts of progress on the said account, including match progress, items, and other miscellaneous stuff will be reset when the game launches worldwide as per the official launch. Any items in the game bought by in-game currency in the soft launch phase will be hence converted into the in-game currency of equivalent value upon the official launch of the game.

In addition to this, the players will also receive an extra 25% bonus on their total equivalent currency returned. As stated in the announcement, this bonus is a thank you to all those who took part in the testing phase and soft launch of the game and contributed their own bits for it. 

Although all the items bought in-game will be retracted, skin(s) received by a player from the Battle Pass will not be retracted and will carry over from the soft launch of the game to the official launch. Also, the purchasable currency in the game will not be available during the transitioning phase of the game to the official launch.

Apex Legends Mobile release May 2022
Apex Legends Mobile: Beta test (Image via Electronic Arts)

According to the tentatively scheduled dates, the soft launch will end on May 17 this year, and it will be officially launched on May 31. Players should note that the bonus and carryover items will only be available if they log in to the same account as before.

Win-win situation for both the players and EA

The initiative to offer the players a bonus as appreciation for their participation in the early stages of the game as well as letting them retain skins is undoubtedly a decision made keeping in mind the importance of keeping a player base content. This will not only garner early positive feedback for the game but will also make the players more interactive and willing to try it out as it should be in the case of developers willing to keep the players happy.

It also means that any old “OG” player will be easily identifiable in the game from their soft launch Battle Pass skin if they have one, which will be an honor for them as many players have a tendency to collect old skins to show off. Even though it won’t have any say in the gameplay, it is always a good sign for a new game when the initial players are kept happy, who in turn makes the game popular via their own suggestions to their acquaintances. 

Apex Legends Mobile soft launch reward, Apex Legends Mobile battle pass
Apex Legends Mobile battle pass (Image via Electronic Arts)

As it stands, the game and its team of developers and officials are headed down the correct path to make for a successful title. The immense hype of the game coupled up with the gestures of the company to retain their players will definitely be a game-changer. More announcements could be coming as well given that the game is so close to its release. For further news and detailed explanations, follow us and be updated. 

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