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Apex Legends Mobile to Soft-launch in China in Q2 2021

Get ready for another action packed mobile battle royale game!

According to Electronic Arts, the highly-acclaimed console and PC battle-royale game Apex Legends will have a mobile soft-launch in China in the next 3-4 months. Previously the game was scheduled to have its first soft-release in late 2020 but it seems Covid-19 delayed the plan. Now it has been reported from the quarterly conference call that Apex Legends Mobile will be arriving within the next 4 months for China.

Delay in the soft-launch of Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Soft-launch in China
Apex Legends mobile was supposed to launch in 2020

Mobile gamers have been anticipating the Beta release of Apex Legends since 2020. Due to some unknown reasons, the soft-launch was delayed for that year. China remains the largest market that pushed Apex Legends to success on both PC and console. With that being said, Apex Legends will, first of all, be soft-launched in China. After that, it will eventually be making its way to other regions.

Japan is second on the list of countries with the largest Apex market. Therefore, we can only assume that the soft launch of Apex Legends mobile will hit them next.

At this time, there is yet to be an official announcement from EA on the specific date in Apex Legends mobile will be soft-launched, but according to reports, it is supposed to take 3-4 months.

EA looks to bring Apex Legends to Android and iOS

EA has been known to always expand their games to reach many people, if not all gaming platforms. It is no doubt, that they’re working extra hard to bring Apex Legends to Android and iOS, seeing how it has already made its way to Switch.

For the Android platform, it could take longer to have a stable Apex Legends game on it, despite being in the Beta stage due to compatibility issues. It means that we should expect further news which states that the soft-launch of Apex Legends will likely be available to the iOS users, before making it’s way to Android.

Apex Legends remains one of the most anticipated games on mobile since it was announced in late 2019. And from the look of the whole situation, we are about to get our hands on this highly-acclaimed battle royale game.

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