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Arena Breakout Academy: Here’s everything you need to know about the creator program

Creators Assemble!

The Arena Breakout Academy creator program is all but ready to go live today. Interested fans and creators can join the program to help induce more guides to extend their reach and stand a chance to win monthly rewards from the developers. Fans of Arena Breakout and interested candidates from all over the world can participate in the program.

Arena Breakout Academy is a result of the success of the previous UGC event held for Arena Breakout

Tencent Games launched the first creator camp program 2 months ago, which had the aim of enlisting as many creators as possible in order to make more content for the game and extend the reach for the arriving game.

Now with the first program coming to its end, the stats show that the reach extended to over 30 million views all over the Internet. The developers stated how grateful they were for this number and now with Arena Breakout Academy, they look forward to the possibilities of maximizing this number to an even higher toll.

From gearing up, to side selection, map selection, and whether to raid the bosses or not – one step of wrongdoings will put you in dire situations, or a sneaky game. There is a ton of content there to be covered in the game and that is what this creator program is all about.

Arena Breakout Academy aims to provide creators with an engaging experience

The main aim of Arena Breakout Academy is to be both serious and casual at the same time. Serious because creators will be making guides and helpful videos describing and defining the strategies, tricks, and tips for the game.

The casual part is the funny and more relaxed part of the game. Arena Breakout is a multiplayer game that can be played and enjoyed by friends, hence there will be an ample amount of situations where strategies won’t go as planned and will give rise to hilarious fails.

Image via Tencent Games

Be it silly moments that gave you a good laugh, or heart-moving moments of sacrifice, the developers are sure such content will also help the fans of Arena Breakout players from all over the world, to relate, to connect with the creators, as content creators.

All in all the creator program asks the creators to participate and contribute guides and clips for both strategies and fails. Interested candidates can officially register for the creator program through the dedicated website.

What are your thoughts on Tencent rolling out the Arena Breakout Academy creator program? Let us know in the comments below!

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