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Arknights accuse NFT Game Oldeus of plagiarism, issues a cease and desist order

The NFT game was accused of stealing art from the RPG

The popular RPG Arknights, has issued a cease and desist order against NFT Game Oldeus for plagiarism. The former claims that the NFT game basically stole their game content and posted it as their own. The news was officially shared by the Arknights team via their social media.

Oldeus caught attention for having striking similarities with Arknights

On January 5th, Oldeus released a twenty-one-second game teaser, which immediately went viral. Not because it was something unique, but because it was shockingly similar to the one Arknights released during its launch. Each frame was compared and users were shell-shocked to find that it was a direct copy of the RPG.

Most of the users didn’t take long to start expressing their strong opinions against this act of plagiarism by the makers. They pointed out how someone can claim it is their original idea if they are using the exact same frames, layouts, and movement from another game.

Arknights and Oldeus similarities
Image via Twitter

The Oldeus Twitter also acknowledged this and took to Twitter to explain the situation on January 8th, before deleting it soon after. Apparently, the team hired “high-quality creators” who have previously worked in the Arknights team, and hence the similarities were seen. They also said they are in touch with the Arknights team in this regard.

Arknights team has given 48 hours to remove the infringing content

In the post publicly released, the Arknights team considers this act of plagiarism as a “serious infringement” of copyright along with other rights enjoyed by the publisher. More accusations regarding facts were also mentioned.

The team also mentions not having “any contact” with the Oldeus team, unlike what the latter claimed. They mention that the Oldeus claims of being in touch with the Arknights teams were blatant lies, and the company has never entered into a partnership either.

Discord Oldeus
Image via OLDEUS Discord

They also gave the Oldeus team a maximum of 48 hours to remove the copyrighted content. This also comes along with the removal of false statements from their game and media handles. The moderators in the Oldeus discord server also stated all rights were reserved and content was produced from scratch.

However, this open statement from Arknights has dealt a lot of damage to Oldeus, as their official response is yet to be released. For now, we need to wait for what shall uncover next.

What are your thoughts about the Arknights issuing a cease and desist order against NFT Game Oldeus for plagiarism? Let us know in the comments below!

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