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Arknights introduces a new story collection event A Light Spark in Darkness

Meet the first 6 star Mech-Accord

The new story collection event A Light Spark in Darkness for the tactical mobile RPG Arknights has been made public. This occasion will tell a number of tales centered around an Infected named Goldenglow in the sleepy village of Caladon, as well as a short story about Reunion. The update includes a new themed furniture set, 3 new clothes, 2 new operators, and 2 new outfits.

A Light Spark in Darkness event introduces a wide range of rewards in Arknights

The A Light Spark in Darkness event takes place from August 18 at 10:00 through August 25 at 3:59 (UTC-7) in the year 2022. Before realizing her desire, Goldenglow, an Infected from Caladon, was involved in a number of plots as a result of an unintentional fire. The story will also feature Haze, Skyfire, and Quercus as the sparks collide to provide light on the time period.

By completing event stages, doctors can earn wage tickets that can be redeemed for items including Jackie’s new 0011 Tempest Series costume, Take a Leap, significant sums of LMD, furniture pieces, battle records, recruitment permits, elite materials, and information fragments at the thrift shop.

Arknights introduces two new operators and items during the event

Here are the new operators coming to Arknights:

Goldenglow – 6 Star Caster

The first 6 Star Mech-Accord in Arknights is called Goldenglow. She has the ability to launch several drones that can damage foes or attack them. Her second ability boosts the quantity and attack of Drones while also permanently extending her attack range. When the third skill is used, Goldenglow ceases her own attacks and commands her drones to engage in combat with the enemy within a wide Attack Range.

Quercus – 5 Star Supporter

Quercus, an Abjurer, can switch to healing mode by using skills and applying a Sanctuary effect to shield teammates. The first skill of Quercus might raise her Attack. She can increase her attack speed while the second skill is active, and each time she heals a victim, one skill point is added back to their total.

The store now carries fresh clothes from the 0011 Tempest Series, including Unfettered for Ceobe and Wild Flower of Street for Waai Fu. At the same time, Caladon Light Store, a brand-new collection of themed furnishings, will be on sale.

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