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Arknights introduces Contingency Contract Season 9 “Operation Deepness” with a new 5-star operator

Action Continues with the new event!

With the release of “Operation Deepness,” the new season of the Contingency Contract event, strategic mobile RPG Arknights introduces a new 5-star operator, new furnishings, rerun clothes, and more. Doctors will deal with foes who are adept in Nervous Impairment in the newly added stages at the permanent location. If Doctors want to complete all challenges, it will be essential to choose the right squad and employ special tactics.

Operation Deepness brings Erato to Arknights

Up to December 22nd, 2022, Operation Deepness features new stages that are comparable to Under Tides. In order to handle the difficulties posed by the many tags they have selected, doctors can address Nervous Impairment and deploy operators flexibly. As usual, Doctors can combine several “Contracts” to complete assignments and do not require Sanity to play the stages.

Erato, a brand-new 5-star operator who plays the role of a high-DPS Sniper and is skilled at manipulating adversaries, joins the event. She can tackle the most powerful foe first on the battlefield, giving Doctors additional options for tactics. With the help of the Contract Bounty, Erato can be redeemed in Cross-Season Secret Sanctuary.

Arknights gets the sixth Joint Operation and new arrivals at the store

This update includes the sixth Joint Operation, increasing Doctors’ chances of finding the four 6-star operators Exusiai, Skadi, and Mountain. A number of well-known 5-star operators are also present, including Lapland, Akafuyu, Liskarm, Provence, FEater, and Tsukinogi. Use this opportunity to get them.

The new furniture, Deepness Pennant, is also available to participants of this event in Secret Sanctuary at no charge. To top it off, Jessica’s Clivia dress returns as well. The normal assortment of resources, such as Elite Materials, LMD, Battle Records, Chips, etc., are included in the Operation Deepness Engraved Medal Set when it debuts in the item shop.

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