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Astral Angels: Upcoming ARPG that looks similar to Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy is open for pre-registration

The ARPG is dubbed as a “girl action RPG”

Astral Angels, an action RPG that features only female characters in its in-game world, is now open for pre-registration on Taptap. Last year, XD Network announced that they are working on a brand new open-world RPG and some images and videos were released after this announcement.

The media released at the time of the game’s announcement gave players the idea that the game’s aesthetics are hugely inspired by miHoYo’s blockbuster title Genshin Impact. The environment and character designs also reveal that the game has drawn inspiration from Tower of Fantasy.

Heroines trained in combat battle a mysterious, dark enemy

The game will be focusing on female heroines that are tasked to fight against a mysterious enemy hell-bent on engulfing the world in Darkness. The game is set in the world of CuiXing where players will take control of female characters.

Astral Angels pre-registration
Image via XD Inc.

They are students who reside in ManaPeggy College, an island floating in the sky that will serve as a base of operations for players. In this college, girls are trained to combat the Elder Gods, evil beings that want to destroy the world of CuiXing as well as save other corrupted girls that have fallen victim to these malevolent beings. 

The game mainly focuses on two main mechanics: A social feature that takes place in ManaPeggy where players can gain friends and socialize with other players. Players will be able to talk with other players, get to know them better, and eventually increase the bond between each other. The other major mechanic is open-world exploration. The open-world aspect will give players the opportunity to build a world of their own while venturing out into wild adventures.

Astral Angels: Pre-registration and release details

As of now, the game is open for pre-registration on the Taptap website and only in the Chinese language. The developers have not yet announced any particular date for a worldwide launch, although the game should soon be available on other platforms as well if the initial response becomes good. 

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