Azur Lane Frostfall Event brings three new shipgirls, various gears, and more

The event comes packed with exciting rewards!

Azur Lane, a naval shoot’em up mobile game, has introduced the Frostfall event. Commanders have until April 5, 2023, to stop the rise of the Sirens and retake the Arctic with shipgirls. It shows three brand-new shipgirls dressed in their Hot Spring garb. There is also a wide selection of equipment and fresh furniture.

Azur Lane introduces three Northern Parliament new characters

Sevastopol is an elite character, whereas Voroshilov and Kursk are two super rare characters being added as a result of this event. All of them are rated higher in this construction. Seize the opportunity to obtain the Northern Parliament shipgirls.

  • Voroshilov – Super Rare Light Cruiser: Voroshilov gains a special Secondary Gun during battle which inflicts the Icebind debuff to enemies hit. She can also fire a special barrage, All Out Assault I.
  • Kursk – Super Rare Heavy Cruiser: Kursk is a lone wolf in a snowstorm. If she is the only ship in your Vanguard, she increases her Fire Power, Torpedo, and Accuracy, and decreases her Damage taken.
  • Sevastopol – Elite Battleship: A random ship in the fleet will be healed if Sevastopol fires her Main Guns. Northern Parliament ships will also have their Evasion increased.

Enjoy the Azur Lane Frostfall Event with amazing rewards

Two modes, Combat and Intel, make up the main event. The Triple 180mm B-1-P Pattern 1932 Main Gun Mount and the Prototype Triple 240mm Main Gun Mount are two of the fantastic rewards that Commanders can obtain by collecting Frostfall PT in combat.

By unlocking every tale chapter in Intel, they can also gain their hands on another piece of equipment, Action Report – Frostfall, which will unquestionably improve their fleet. A fresh plot involving Commanders and shipgirls is also set to unfold in the hot spring. Every day during the Invitation of Melting Snow new clothing event, commanders can unlock the storyline.

Azur Lane Frostfall Event skins
Image via Yostar Games

With this update, the event shop is being stocked. Seven new costumes, including 3 Dynamic and 2 L2D, are included in the Hot Spring collection. Famous Bathhouse, a furniture set with a Hot Springs motif, is also available for purchase. Moreover, Commanders are eligible for two rental outfit vouchers that can be used for Joffre, Voroshilov, and Kursk attire.

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