Azur Lane introduces Virtual Tower event with new Sardegna Empire Ships, Outfits and more

Event ends on April 6th, 2022

Azur Lane, a Yostar-published naval shooter mobile game, brings Virtual Tower, a new Sardegna Empire major event. On their trip back to the port, the Sardegna Empire gathers the commander and other factions to explore a peculiar tower that arose near a Mirror Sea formed by Sirens.

This event will take place between March 24th and April 6th, 2022. Three new shipgirls and one returning character are included in the update, as well as a new Event Map, new clothes, furniture sets, and several awards.

Azur Lane Virtual Tower events and rewards

Players can research and experience the plot on the new Event Map, which comprises four SP maps. The SP* stage has a daily limit of one try and awards 800 event points for each clear. Once the SP* stage is completed, the EX stage will be unlocked. Players who earn a total of 10,000 points will be eligible for the exclusive furniture – Pompeo Magno Model.

New and returning characters

The Sardegna Empire now has three additional characters. For example, dependent on the type of aircraft loaded in the ship’s first gear slot, the Super Rare shipgirl Impero can improve her own aviation and launch a specific airstrike. Meanwhile, depending on whose health percentage is the highest, her other talent can improve her own damage dealt and recover HP for players’ main fleet or herself.

azur lane virtual tower event
Image via Yostar Games

The Virtual Tower will be the starting point for two Super Rare characters, Pompeo Magno and Impero, as well as one Elite character, Trieste. Formidable, a Super Rare character, will also make a comeback. The majority of the characters can be obtained through the building pool, with the exception of Impero, Formidable, and Trieste, who have a higher rate. Event Map Drop can also be used to gain Pompeo Magno, which can then be traded for items in the Event Shop.

Virtual Tower event shop and outfits

Manjuu Campus is the newly added furniture set in this event, bringing the shipgirls back to campus and allowing them to appreciate the beauty of spring. A rerun furniture set, Manjuu High School, as well as various resource supply packs, are also available for purchase.

7 new costumes with a campus motif are now available. During the event, players can log in to gain two rental outfit vouchers, which can be spent on the following outfits: Trieste – Rooftop Lunch Break, Pompeo Magno – Quaver Daydream, Impero – Languid Librarian, Pompeo Magno – Quaver Daydream.

Are you excited about the Azur Lane Virtual Tower event? Let us know in the comments below!

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