Azur Lane brings Pledge of the Radiant Court event with new characters and more

The third Royal Navy major event!

The third Royal Navy major event, Pledge of the Radiant Court, is being launched by Mobile Naval Shoot’ Em Up, Azur Lane. Under the command of Vanguard, Warspite joins forces with the Royal Navy to track down Her Majesty the Queen. Between May 26th and June 15th, 2022, this event will include six new shipgirls, as well as various mini-events, newly themed skins, and furniture.

Pledge of the Radiant Court event will feature various mini-events with exclusive rewards

Various mini-events are released as part of the Pledge of the Radiant Court event, giving players extra opportunity to acquire rare goodies. Little Cheshire, a fresh new Elite shipgirl, is available for free in the “A Cookie For Mew!” mini-event. Cookie Points can be earned by completing event missions. Players can win Trust from Little Cheshire by giving her these points. Players will be able to obtain Little Cheshire as the Trust grows.

Every day in Manjuu Hide and Peep, a new stage will be unlocked. Players will earn a variety of incentives after completing all seven levels, including restricted furniture items and an Early Summer Invitation that allows them to obtain one of the following ships: Tirpitz, Graf Zeppelin, Washington, Hood, Yukikaze, Montpelier, Swiftsure, and Le Malin. Players can also earn story keys to unlock side storylines during the Many Lives of Maids mini-event by checking into the game.

New characters will be introduced in Azur Lane

One Ultra Rare character, Vanguard, is shown as a battleship in the Pledge of the Radiant Court. Jervis and Indomitable, two Super Rare shipgirls, have been added to the fleet. Revenge, Bellona, and Little Cheshire, three new Elite shipgirls, are also presented as Royal Navy members. Unicorn will also be able to get a new refit that will improve her combat powers. In the Limited Construction Pool, Vanguard, Indomitable, and Revenge will see a rate increase. Bellona, on the other hand, can be redeemed by amassing Training Points.

Brand new skins and furniture sets will be available in the event shop

Up to eight new maid-themed skins, including three Live2D skins for Vanguard, Prinz Eugen, and gir, are now available. When participants log in during the event, they will receive two rental vouchers. These coupons can be spent on the following skins: Vanguard’s “Half-Hearted Masquerade,” Jervis’ “Fluttering in the Fair Breeze,” and Indomitable’s “Ms. Motivationless Maid.”

“Empery Chic,” an item of new furniture set with a blend of modern and traditional aesthetics, has recently arrived at the shop. Players will also get access to a new “Empery Chic” gear skin box.

Are you excited about the Pledge of the Radiant Court End Event in Azur Lane? Let us know in the comments below!

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