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Badlanders Season 5 Survivors at Dawn begins with exciting new challenges and rewards

New Weapons, Attachments, and Attributes Bring New Possibilities!

The S5 of Badlanders, a next-generation survival looter shooter from NetEase Games, has begun with Survivors at Dawn. With an upgraded gaming experience and the revelation of the iconic Devil’s Eyes, the new season offers fellow Badlanders even more opportunities and challenges.

Experience new gameplays in Badlanders S5 Survivors at Dawn

A sandstorm is about to sweep the Desert of Remains with a variety of new gameplays against a backdrop of barren desert, glistening blue ores, and grumbling machinery. Pickaxes could be used by players to mine blue ores, which they could then take to a processor or an off-field workshop to be refined into several kinds of Devil’s Eyes materials.

Remember that the rumbling noise of the Processors will reveal your location, effectively putting a target on your back. The refining procedure will take some time if you opt to flee with the ores and process them in the Workshop. You can either take the safe route or choose a risky course.

Recasting gear and accessories with the priceless Devil’s Eyes gives them improved properties and raises their value. Additionally, it improves melee weapons, acts as a ticket for exclusive game modes, and exchanges rare resources (i.e., Red Beach Camouflage Boxes). Prepare to fight for them since the Devil’s Eyes will undoubtedly soon take control of Red Beach. The desert is filled with the sound of melody, the occasional pressure cooker explosion, and the Field Hospital Electric Doors opening. Find the Easter Eggs, and you’ll receive pleasant surprises!

The upgraded Classic Mode returns in Badlanders

Many people, including the former spies, have become interested in the priceless Devil’s Eyes. Season 5 will see the full return of the classic Agent Call mode! To access the game mode, players can use Cashpoints or the Devil’s Eye (flawless) to redeem Clone Keys.

Badlanders S5 Agent Call
Image via NetEase

Players must defeat other players in order to loot their Clones Key in Agent Call, which increases the likelihood of getting rare materials. In order to escape, players must submit a Clone Key. Extra Clone Keys will be turned into Devil’s Eye (flawless) for the redemption of rare supplies.

New weapons, attachments, and attributes bring new possibilities to Badlanders

A large variety of new weapons, attachments, and abilities are also introduced in Season 5! The UMP9 is a flexible SMG that can be used with a variety of attachments, giving you the advantage in any battle situation. Additionally, our brand-new Side Scopes, Holo Foil, and Cheek Pad provide sharpshooters with new tactical options.

To take advantage of the best of both worlds, players could freely swap between long-range and 1x scopes utilizing the Side Scope. You will have improved stability and hit rate thanks to Holo Foil, Cheek Pad, and the various additional qualities. Be sure to visit the Gun Bench and modify them as desired.

Badlanders Season 5 New Weapons
Image via NetEase

The invention of new weapons is of the utmost importance to Badlanders. The much-anticipated Melee Weapon System is now available. The primary mining tool and new melee weapon is known as the Pickaxe can be acquired by completing quests or upgrades. Players can become more effective in mining and more lethal in fighting by upgrading their batons and pickaxes with the Devil’s Eyes, which Badlanders can also use to increase their efficiency and damage.

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