Bandai Namco announces upcoming action title Gundam: Poetry of Steel

Another entry to the Gundam IP!

Bandai Namco Entertainment unveiled a gameplay trailer for the upcoming action title Gundam: Poetry of Steel, which will see a launch in China first. Alongside the trailer reveal at the ChinaJoy 2023, the Bandai Namco section organized a special exhibit featuring a hall dedicated to the Gundam Seed series.

Gundam: Poetry of Steel will consist of storylines from various Gundam series

As described by the makers, in Gundam: Poetry of Steel, players take on the role of a commander leading an elite squad of mobile suits, utilizing their distinct abilities and employing smart tactics to overpower opponents. Upon launch, the game is said to come with a sophisticated AI system and offers both single-player and multiplayer battles.

Gundam: Poetry of Steel gameplay
Image via Bandai Namco

It will also comprise storylines from various Gundam series, granting players the opportunity to relive iconic moments of different characters. Moving to the art style, which is the main selling point, Gundam: Poetry of Steel will be made of complete 3D rendering, which will be a great feast for the action lovers out there wanting to enjoy beatdowns in this style.

The trailer holds great promise for what lies ahead and it looks like the game seems to have covered all aspects needed for an action title. But, as usual, the real picture will unveil once it gets launched. Currently, the game is in pre-registration for players in China, for which they can access the website here, alongside running a milestone campaign.

It would be interesting to see a new development on the Gundam IP, which will be after the recent Gundam Breaker Mobile shutdown that happened last month with fans eager to see what’s next in store for the franchise. The release date is not announced yet, for which you can keep an eye on their official Weibo page.

What are your thoughts on Bandai Namco revealing the gameplay trailer for the upcoming action title Gundam: Poetry of Steel? Let us know in the comments below!

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