Battle for Ascalon is an upcoming 4x strategy title from the makers of MU Origin, now available as beta

Save the world of Ascalon!

Battle of Ascalon is a game developed by FingerFun Limited which is now coming out with a beta version for android users. It is a geo-strategy game where players will get to choose from three primary races of the factions namely humans, elves, and orcs. The game offers a single campaign mode along with a mode where players can fight among each other.

Engage in wars and raise Dragons and Save your World

The game is set in the beautiful land of Ascalon were numerous factions and races and fought for dominion amongst themselves since the end of the War of the Gods in these fabled lands. But now the Darkspawn have invaded Ascalon and left nothing but destruction and desolation.

All the races and factions now face a common enemy but whether they will be able to bury the past unresolved prejudice and fight alongside each other will be the decision of the player who will play the role of the Lord Commander of one of the factions. Players will need to gather wisdom and build their own army and create alliances with other factions to defeat the Darkspawn together.

Battle of Ascalon raise powerful dragons
Image via FingerFun

Players will have to engage in wars of epic proportions across Ascalon with players and NPCs alike. They will have to display their military prowess by utilizing clever tactics and gaining an advantage over their opponents. They will also have to undergo the Trial of Shirrlauth, the dragon god, and obtain a dragon egg from her. Players will need to hatch it and bind their paths with a Dragon Pact. The dragon will be the most loyal companion of the players in their journey to defeat the Darkspawn.

Expand your faction and become the leader in Battle for Ascalon

Players will get to choose from the primary races of the three respective factions who will also have other races spread among their ranks. Each faction offers unique and special buildings along with units and talents. They will also get to form alliances and strategize with other players from all over the world. They can expand their territories or also coordinate attacks on enemies together.

Image via FingerFun

The alliance fought for the Royal City whose unparalleled powers can be used to rule and control the entire kingdoms of Ascalon by becoming its Grand Leader. Interested players can head to the Play Store to download the beta version or can also download the APK version from here. The beta version of the game has not been published on iOS devices yet.

Are you excited as the beta version of Battle for Ascalon is now available? Let us know in the comments below!

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