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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) releases its first X-suit since the unban, the Stygian Liege X-suit

BGMI's newest X-suit is here!

Battlegrounds Mobile India, popularly known by its abbreviation BGMI, has been doing well since it was unbanned a few days back by the government of India, with scores of players taking to the game as they used to months before. Amidst this hype around its comeback, Krafton-operated BGMI has released its first x-suit named Stygian Liege X-suit in the game since the ban on BGMI got lifted.

How to get Stygian Liege X-suit in the game

The Stygian Liege X-suit is the latest addition to an already decently extensive wardrobe of X-suits available in BGMI, such as the Avalanche X-suit, Blood Raven X-suit, and the Poseidon X-suit. The Stygian Liege takes on the appearance of fantasy-based body armor with spiky protrusions all over the body. The headgear follows this trend and the face appears to be covered in white paint giving the entire set a mystical yet dark look.

Image via Krafton

The X-suit will be available for acquisition via the usual process, that is by investing in a lucky draw. A player can draw 5 times for free by using silver that one can acquire for free in the game. Thereon, all draws require UC which can be only acquired by in-app purchases using real-world money. Also, even by investing in the game, the odds of getting the Stygian Liege are not 100%, as no matter how many draws you pay for, the acquisition is based purely on chance.

Image via Krafton

If one fails to pull the X-suit from the draw, there are other rewards of lesser value that roll out such as time-limited outfits, permanent outfits, or emotes. One has to stay content with these most of the time unless they are very lucky or have the means to spend big in the game to get the X-suit.

The Stygian Liege X-suit has already been released in PUBG Mobile by Tencent long before BGMI, and those who have taken a look at it can say that it is definitely worth the hype with its unique animations and polished, well-designed look. And this is also a good business strategy by BGMI officials to kick off the game’s revenue intake by introducing a hyped outfit right after the unban.

Do you like the Stygian Liege X-suit in BGMI? Are you going to try and pull it from the lucky draws? Let us know in the comments below!

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