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PUBG Mobile introduced the latest Avalanche X-suit with unique features

A brand new X-suite with exclusive perks

PUBG Mobile and BGMI have unveiled their brand new X-suit in the game, that is, the PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-suit which is now available for players in the in-game store. The Avalanche X-suit is an upgradeable outfit with each new level coming with its own exclusive perks such as a unique kill message, kill effect and more refined looks. It is the fourth x-suit in the game after the Golden Pharaoh X-suit, Blood Raven X-suit, and the Poseidon X-suit.

How to get the PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-suit

The option to get the x-suit is available in the lobby at the top right corner of the screen. Free-to-play players will have a chance to draw the mythic suit or other items from the draw using 300 silver. But it is to be noted that the silver redemptions will only be available for 5 draws, after which each draw will cost 10 UC and thus appeal to the players who pay in-game.

Fully Upgraded version of Avalanche X-Suite
Fully Upgraded version of Avalanche X-Suite

Besides the Avalanche X-suit, the redemption rewards will also feature a wide variety of other stuff such as mythic emotes, headgear, skins, and even other outfits. Also, points will be collectible from the draw which can be used to redeem an item of the player’s choice. Some of the other items available are:

1. The Draconic Paladin Set

The Draconic Paladin Set PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit
The Draconic Paladin Set

2. The Frost Order Cover

 The Frost Order Cover  PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit
The Frost Order Cover

3. The Infernal Ruler Set

The Infernal Ruler Set
The Infernal Ruler Set

4. The Arctic Ruler Set

The Arctic Ruler Set PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit
The Arctic Ruler Set

Only the few lucky can claim the Avalanche X-suit

There are also emotes and Star Forge items that can be used to upgrade each of the available x-suits in the game to their max level. X-suit users will also get a special entry effect while joining a lobby of friends. It is to be noted that the chances of drawing any item from the draw within the first 5 tries with silver are very slim.

However, the silver could be saved up and used to get other permanent items from the Shop as even players who invest real-life currency in the game aren’t guaranteed to claim the suit. It is an extremely rare commodity that only the luckiest can claim or those who have the means to invest a lot. Thus, the players should remember that even though there are unlimited draws, there isn’t a concrete chance to get the item.

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