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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Tips and Tricks to win every Arena Training

Important Tips to master the Arena Training!

This article covers some tips and tricks for players in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and PUBG Mobile Arena Training. Long Classic matches are often tiring when a player just hides throughout the gameplay and tries their best to not take fights. But, then the question arises why these players behave so cowardly. The reason could be any but one obvious reason might be lack of practice or training.  

Thus, both PUBG Mobile and BGMI offer some training modes like Cheer Park, Arcade mode, and Arena. Amongst these, Arena and Arcade are popular and players love to train themselves here. These training modes have a smaller map and are of less time, so players have intense fights and if one enters then they have to fight. With a new unranked classic mode in the Arena as a new addition for players to worry less about their ranks

BGMI Arena Training Tips and Tricks

One of the important tips and tricks in BGMI to note, Arena Training spawns 8 players in a warehouse or hangar map, and amongst them, 4 are foes. Many BGMI pro players try different tricks to win these matches. There are also separate tips to master the hangar map which can be followed by players in the Arena Training

Some tips and tricks to use in Arena Training of BGMI are as follows

1. Proper gun usage in Arena Training

Arena training in BGMI serves a variety of guns with ammo and attachments which are to be chosen by players for the gameplay. 

BGMI weapon selection
BGMI weapon selection

Choosing a correct combination of guns will enhance a player’s performance and for that, a player should know about the guns. Different guns have different powers. Now, a player can not survive if he chooses a vector against AKM. 

Therefore, a correct combination with good attachments performs great while intense fights. M762, M416, and AKM work wonders in Arena Training, but players have their own opinions and choices. Some may prefer UZI and some may not prefer SMGs like UZI.

2. Prone and Shoot 

The next tip is Prone and shoots which will definitely finish the opponent and will increase your kills count. 

Whenever a player feels like he is about to get defeated or if he feels like he is late while shooting or if his health gets down by any shot, just tap on prone while shooting, and he will slay the opponent. 

The reason is that mostly, players aim at their opponent’s head so if the opponent is prone at that time then the body gets out of the firing zone and the player has to figure out and has to aim again. By taking advantage of such an opportunity, the opponent is already aiming their head even if he gets prone. Therefore, the player gets defeated.

This is a good trick which many pro players use when they find themselves in difficult situations but again, practice is needed here also.

3. Jiggle and Shoot 

Jiggle and shoot is another trick to confuse an opponent. Be fast and jiggle while firing. There is a major difference between a bot and a player that a bot’s movement is very slow whereas a player’s movement is fast, and he can play according to his will. 

When a player is firing at his opponent, he should start jiggling, or if he is a 4 finger player then he can additionally Crouch also. 

So, jiggle and Shoot or Crouch-Jiggle and Shoot. Opponent’s aim will be missed a lot but as you are doing it intentionally, so your aim won’t miss.

4. Usage of structures present in Arena Training

The next trick on the list is using properties present in the map. A player should search for a new angle, now and then. This will improve gameplay and will force the opponent to search for your location, but this search will be wasted every time. Use boxes, containers, and logs present in the map. A player can also search for an elevated area and every single player of BGMI knows that if a player is on a height then he has a great advantage in his pocket.

5. Quick movement training

Movement should be fast in any intense matches. A Player should not shoot and wait for the enemy to come and shoot him dead. Therefore, a player should not stick to a single place for a longer period.

Did you find these tips and tricks for Arena Training in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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