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PUBG Mobile is introducing ‘Unranked Classic’ mode and New Arena map

PUBG Mobile recently released a new map ‘Livik‘ in the beta. Livik is scheduled to arrive in PUBG Mobile in the 0.19.0 update, but the update also contains some more exciting features like ‘Unranked Classic‘ mode and a new arena other than the new map. This article will guide you through all the new features in the update and their details, so keep reading fellas.

‘Unranked Classic’ mode in PUBG Mobile

‘Unranked Classic’ is one of the most exciting features coming in the 0.19.0 update to PUBG Mobile. Let’s see what this mode is all about actually.

What is the ‘Unranked Classic’ mode?

Previously, the only classic mode we were familiar with was the classic mode where after every match rank points and a rating would get added according to your performance. But with the new 0.19.0 update in PUBG Mobile, we are going to come across another mode of classic matches, called ‘Unranked Classic‘. This feature is available in all the 4 maps but you will not be able to select a specific map.

Difference between ‘Ranked Classic’ and ‘Unranked Classic’ modes

The name ‘Unranked Classic’ is pretty much self-explanatory. In this game mode, you can play in your favourite map without any concerns about rank points or getting demoted into lower tiers. In ‘Ranked Classic’ mode, there was always a concern about getting lower rank points after a bad match, that’s why many players prefer survival rather than gunfights in that mode.

There is no difference in the gameplay or controls between a normal Classic match and Unranked Classic match other than the rank points.

PUBG Mobile unranked classic mode
‘No score is kept’ in the Unranked Classic mode

Why ‘Unranked Classic’ mode is a great addition to PUBG Mobile

It is a great game mode for rookies to practice the gameplay with friends as this mode comes in solo, duo as well as in squad. Also, this mode is available in TPP as well as in FPP. So we can definitely say this is a going to be a huge upgrade from the ‘Training‘ mode where players previously used to practice.

PUBG Mobile unranked classic

New arena mode – Team Gun Game

The arena mode is one of the most popular game modes in PUBG mobile as the matches are faster. Previously we had seen 3 different maps in the arena mode:

  • Team Death Match map(Warehouse)
  • Assault(Ruins)
  • Domination(Town).

With the new update comes another new arena called ‘Gun Game’.

Team Gun Game arena
‘Gun Game’ a new map in Arena.

The name of the map of ‘Gun Game’ is Library, which is pretty evident in the looks.

PUBG Mobile Library map
The map looks like a Library

Team Gun Game mode tips and tricks

First of all, you need to practice to get familiar the map. Here’s the blueprint of the map which will help you in understanding the Library map better.

The blueprint of the map, you need to know it well to master any TGG match

In terms of gameplay, the Gun Game mode is similar to a normal TDM where players need to get as many kills as you can, and the team with the higher number of kills wins. But there is an interesting catch. In this mode, with every kill, your gun is going to change!

You will start off with SMG like Uzi or PP Bizon. With every kill, you will receive better weapons like an M249 or even a Groza. But, after a certain point, you will start receiving worse weapons and finally end up getting pistols or even Pan.

The rules of the Team Gun Game mode

The time limit for the ‘Gun Game’ is 10 minutes.

Final thoughts

With the new update, ‘Unranked Classic’ mode will surely gain hype. But whether this update is going to stay permanent or is a time-limited feature is not known yet. For now, it is only available in the Beta mode of the game. We need to wait patiently for the new update!

This is all we have for the ‘Unranked Classic’ mode and the new Team Gun Game arena in PUBG Mobile in the 0.19.0 update. Are you excited for the new update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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