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Battlegrounds Mobile India: Krafton responded to the data transfer concerns

Krafton claims, "No data has been shared in violation of the privacy policy."

The game Battlegrounds Mobile India, popularly abbreviated as BGMI, saw an overwhelming response following it’s early access release last week. Despite the positive response, multiple concerns have also come up, mostly regarding the data transfer of player information from the global version of PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Following the early access release, prominent Indian figures have reportedly asked the Indian government to review the Battlegrounds Mobile India policies while also asking for a potential ban on the game. For context, the game was first banned 9 months ago due to having ties with Chinese game developers Tencent who were charged with the impression of stealing the data of Indian users and selling it to Chinese authorities, thereby posing a privacy and security risk for India. Now, following the relaunch of the game under South Korean developers Krafton, many people are still suspicious of the Chinese corporation is still involved with the game or not.

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In cue to the unrest, Krafton issued a new announcement today addressing the problem and the company’s compliance with the laws of India.

Krafton’s response to the Battlegrounds Mobile India data transfer concerns

The announcement initially states that Krafton is now working to fully and completely comply with the Indian laws and regulations before we get the official release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. It might mean that before the game is released for the general public, it might get some newer changes and additions to the already existing privacy policy and app files of the early access version of the game.

Krafton has claimed to put in place the toughest data protection and security available to them in the industry. Any shortcomings coming into light or being spotted throughout the Early Access period of the game will be under scrutiny and will be worked on to come to a solution. Krafton has also stated that they are “fully aware of the recent concerns over data handling in regards to Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access test.”

Keeping in mind the demand of players to launch the official version of the game soon, Krafton has stated that they have been working towards the official launch of the game to be made as soon as possible after solving concerns about the safety and security of the playing environment. Privacy and data safety being their top priority, actions are being taken to completely address the issues to avoid further questions about the privacy and personal integrity offered by the game.

Krafton's response to BGMI data transfer
Krafton’s response to BGMI data transfer

The final part states that like almost all other mobile games and apps worldwide, Battlegrounds Mobile India also uses specific third party solutions to offer particular game features. They’ve admitted that some data was thus shared with a third party, but only to ensure the app’s proper running, just like most mobile games of this calibre. They’ve said that the data transfer between the global version of PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India will only take place with the user’s consent to the proposed privacy policy offered by Krafton in-game. They’ve stated that “No data has been shared in violation of the privacy policy.”

Only time will reveal the actual truth

Despite the recent unrest regarding the launch of the Early Access, Krafton in this announcement has made it clear that they are fully committing to the cause and are taking all the necessary measures to ensure the smooth launch of the game in the Indian subcontinent.

It is hoped that the announcement will clear the initial doubts arising in the minds of the users. Thus it can be said that the players might just have to wait a bit more before they are finally able to get the official game after months of patience and resilience. With the best interests of the fans and players at heart, Krafton is working towards the goal of making the ever-popular game available again.

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