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BGMI Jiggle Wiggle campaign showcases fusion of the game into Indian pop culture

The campaign film features popular gamers along with other celebrities

JUNGLE has revealed its latest campaign for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), highlighting the seamless integration of the popular battle royale game into Indian culture. This BGMI campaign revolves around an intriguing gamer known as “Babubhai,” who captivates the nation’s imagination with his distinctive maneuver, the Jiggle Wiggle.

Illustrating the lifecycle of a trend, the campaign portrays the emergence of the trend within the game, demonstrating how the Jiggle Wiggle move, fueled by social media and word-of-mouth, swiftly evolves into a matter of national significance. This phenomenon brings together gamers, rappers, dancers, sports figures, and marketers alike.

Jiggle Wiggle delves into the cultural impact of BGMI, examining its profound influence on Indian cultural trends. From city streets to rural landscapes, this engaging film captures the essence of BGMI’s impact and highlights its role in shaping trends across various aspects of Indian Pop Culture, including Dance, Music, and Sports. Featuring a diverse cast that includes popular gamers, celebrities, dancers, and other notable figures, “Jiggle Wiggle” reveals the captivating fusion of gaming and culture.

The campaign, developed and produced by JUNGLE in collaboration with KRAFTON India, presents a colorful portrayal of the evolving Indian cultural experience. Throughout the film, a playful tone prevails, offering a 220-second content piece that serves as a tribute to India and its diverse cultural facets. The narrative takes viewers on an exhilarating journey, showcasing the dynamic interplay between BGMI and Indian pop culture.

Babubhai takes over BGMI community ahead of film launch

Utilizing a variety of touchpoints, the campaign strategically captivates and intrigues audiences well in advance of the campaign film’s launch. The character of Babubhai has been seamlessly introduced into both in-game and external BGMI conversations, sparking speculation and anticipation within the community. Through in-game integrations and a social media Easter egg hunt, Babubhai has become a topic of fervent discussion, taking over prominent gamers and making a significant impact on India’s largest gaming platform.

This has resulted in a compelling buildup to the film launch. The campaign adopts a comprehensive 360-degree approach, incorporating diverse elements that seamlessly weave Jiggle Wiggle into different aspects of the BGMI world, ranging from in-game billboards to event centers and music tracks, ultimately culminating in a captivating in-game event spectacle.

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