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Black Desert Mobile introduces a new Woosa class with new features

Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss announced a new class Woosa launching in Black Desert Mobile on Tuesday, January 17.

One of the major additions coming to Black Desert Mobile in 2023 is Woosa. The upcoming “Land of the Morning Light,” a location with Korean folklore inspiration that is expected to be one of Black Desert’s largest expansions of the year, is where the new class is based in-game. It is anticipated that the new region will debut in the first half of 2023. It will feature distinctive bosses and storylines, attractive terrain to explore, and prizes.

Black Desert Mobile Skillset of Woosa

Black Desert Mobile Woosa class
Image via Pearl Abyss

Woosa, who uses ancient Do Arts and potent elemental strikes on Black Desert Mobile, is no less lethal. Woosa uses her fan deftly, channeling the power of Sagoonja with these skills:

  • Wingbeat: Woosa enhances the size of her fan and knocks back enemies. Holding down the skill button charges up a stronger gust of wind, pushing enemies back further and knocking them down. When used with Sagoonja: Plum, the skill increases its attack speed and scatters plum petals that fly around the air. 
  • Butterfly Step: Woosa leaps elegantly into the sky, dodging enemy attacks and objects. Holding down the skill button allows her to perform an extra leap. 
  • Stormfall: Woosa swings her fan and creates a giant storm, inflicting heavy damage to surrounding enemies in a wide area. With its impressive range, it is useful for defeating hordes of monsters and bosses. Stormfall inflicts additional damage when combined with other skills.  
  • Cloudrise: Woosa creates a dark cloud above enemies’ heads, causing extreme damage through rain and lightning. Players can use this skill successively to build combos for additional enemy damage.
  • Enlightened: Use this passive ability to reduce PvP and skill damage from enemies. Enlightened stacks up to four times and gives an extra damage buff to Wingbeat, Sagoonja: Plum, and Cloudrise.

For additional details on the new Woosa class in Black Desert Mobile, players can visit the official website here.

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