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Black Desert Mobile login issue: You are not alone

Players have been experiencing a lot of login issue in Black Desert Mobile since the launch of the game. While a large chunk of it comes as “invalid Google login account”, other minor issues are also occurring at the same time. These failed login attempts are making the gaming experience bad for the Black Desert Mobile players. So today in this article we will talk about the issues that are happening and how we can possibly tackle them.

How to fix ‘Invalid Google login account’

Many players have made their account in Black Desert Mobile using their google account. But later on, when they tried to login in the game, they got this pop up “invalid google login account”. This is actually an authentication problem that comes up during the login process. The possible solutions are,

  • Try to login again, it fixes the issue sometimes. If not right at that moment, try again later.
  • If there are any pending game updates, please make sure to update your game.
  • Reinstalling the game has also proven to solve the login issue for many players.

Please note, these above-mentioned solutions may not work for you as Pearl Abyss is still working for a permanent fix. They have mentioned,

With so many new Adventurers joining us on this incredible journey, we have also been made aware that some of our Adventurers are having difficulties logging in to the game. We are currently working to resolve these issues as a whole.

However, here are some additional troubleshooting ways if you are experiencing other issues with Black Desert Mobile.

How to solve the White loading screen in Black Desert Mobile

Players face a white loading screen when the game data files are not installed properly. To solve this go to Settings > Applications > Google Play Games then clear the data as well as Cache. Also, if your Google account’s extension is, please change it to This will surely solve the problem of the white loading screen.

Other Error Codes

  • 101 / 104 – Bad internet connection. Try with a stable connection.
  • 102 – File is corrupted while being downloaded. Just redownload.
  • 201 – Data Error. Closing the game and reopening will fix it.
  • 401 – Not enough storage.

Hope this article will help to understand the Black Desert Mobile login issue. If you find this helpful, please make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more useful updates.

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Re-installation worked for me. Thank you.

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