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Black Desert Mobile max graphics settings are now live in the game

Be it a PC game or a mobile game, maximum graphics settings is always a want for the gamers. Here Black Desert Mobile is not an exception. When the game first launched back in December, it did not have the best graphics settings unlocked. However, with the PVP Guild Wars update, Pearl Abyss also unlocked the max graphics settings in Black Desert Mobile.

From the beta phase of the game, it was one of the most wanted features by the community. And Pearl Abyss had received a lot of requests on that,

We have received a lot of requests regarding max settings, and we have been working on enabling max settings on devices. However, with the wide range of devices currently on the market and the vigorous testing each device requires, there is no denying that it is extremely time-consuming and is taking much longer than we (and you) would ideally want it to be. That is why we have been developing a new feature aimed to tackle the max settings issue.

Max Graphics Settings are now live!

The new system is live from January 7 on all the devices. All the devices meeting the graphics requirements will be able to run Black Desert Mobile on max graphics without any issue. However, there is a twist. Devices with low-end specifications may experience FPS drops or overheating issue. In that case, they will receive a notification. And the system will automatically adjust the settings to run the game smoothly. So for the low-end devices, game performance will be prioritized over quality of graphics.

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That being said, Pearl Abyss will continue to work on improving the overall gameplay experience for the gamers in any way possible. So if you have any feedback, feel free to reach out to the support.

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