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Black Desert Mobile Guild Wars update is live with additional contents

Pearl Abyss has a solid plan with the development of Black Desert Mobile. Their 2020 update roadmap is surely the blueprint for that. And with the continuous updates, it seems like they are on the right track! Just a few hours ago, a new update has arrived. This new Black Desert Mobile update has brought PVP Guild Wars, Town Hall Tier 6, Ancient Ruins difficulty level 6, 7 and more. So let us take a look at the update information in details.

How the PvP Guild Wars look like in Black Desert Mobile

Guild War is a PvP mode specifically made for guilds, where Adventurers can engage in battle against enemy guild members in the open world of Black Desert Mobile. Guild masters and officers can declare war by entering the enemy guild’s name in the guild window. At least 10 guild members are required to attend within 48 hours along with a payment of 3 million silver from their guild fund.

Black Desert Mobile guild wars update
Start your guild war in Black Desert Mobile today

When the war begins all guild members are automatically enlisted and PvP will be activated between both guilds. Players can show off their PvP skills by battling members of the enemy guild. Every time a player defeats one from the opponent guild, they’ll gain guild points. Each guild competes against each other to earn points, and the first to reach 30,000 is the victor.

Please Note, one guild can have one war at a time. But, at the same time, one guild can have up to 10 guilds having war declared on them.

Town Hall Tier 6 is now available

bdm town hall 6, black desert mobile
New Townhall 6

Finally, tier 6 is available in Black Desert Mobile. Players can now have a maximum of 150 structures. With this new tier, players can upgrade their builds to new level. Please find the detailed table below.

LodgingLimit for total number of Lodging increased by 1
BlacksmithLevel 11 ~ 13Crafting of some Mystical Gear and Weapons
Refinery Level 11 ~ 13 A chance to produce Grand Black Stones. A higher level Refinery has a better chance of producing higher grade Black Stones.
Ranch Level 11 ~ 12Increases total Ranch capacity
Food Storage Level 11 ~ 12Increases Food Storage limit
Storage Level 11 ~ 12Increases Storage Size
Stable Level 16Increases total number of stable slots

Accessory Grade Resonance

Additional Accessory Resonance effects are now activated depending on the accessory. It also depends on the total number of accessories equipped.

TypeEquip 2 or moreEquip 4 or moreEquip all 5
Epic Grade Accessory AP+2 / DP+7 AP+4 / DP+10 AP+7 / DP+14
Mystical Grade Accessory AP+20 / DP +30 AP+25 / DP+37 AP+35 / DP+49

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Ancient Ruins higher difficulties

Level 6 and level 7 of Ancient Ruins are now available for 2550 CP and 3100 CP (for 5 players).

Other than these big changes, there are plenty of bug fixes and improvements have been done. For the full changelog, feel free to hop into the official Black Desert Mobile website.

What do you think about this Black Desert Mobile Guild Wars update? Do let us know in the comments below! And for mobile gaming related news and updates feel free to subscribe to our newsletter!

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