Bloons TD Battles 2: New title in the Bloons TD franchise is now available on mobile devices

Competitive Tower Defence Game from the creators of Bloom TD 6

Bloons TD Battles 2 is a competitive tower defense game developed and published by ninja kiwi on November 30 for PC and mobile devices. This strategy title, from the creator of Bloons Pop!, is a direct sequel to Bloons TD Battles 1 and a spinoff game of Bloons TD 6.

In this game, the player must prevent enemy Balloons, known as “Bloons,” from traversing their track and taking lives by utilizing an array of Monkey and Non-Monkey towers. The premise of the game remains unchanged from its predecessor. The player must gather income and purchase Bloons to attack the enemy player.

Bloons TD Battles 2 mobile promises new content each season

The players will have to outwit and overwhelm their opponent in intense head-to-head play and balance the strength of their defenses while preparing a Bloon offensive that blitzes their opponent. Countless strategic combinations will lead the player to their victory. The game has skill-based gameplay so that players can match with other players of similar rank as they work their way through 9 unique arenas.

Bloons TD Battles 2 mobile
Bloons TD Battles 2 gameplay

The players need to reach the Hall of Masters to battle the best on a dynamic leaderboard. They can also earn and display unique badges each season based on progress. They can select from familiar Heroes and brand new Alts with unique upgrades. The game offers 21 Monkey Towers and 15 unique upgrades with each to customize their builds. It also has a brand new Bloon send system that optimizes economy building and attacks.

And last but not least, the game also provides the players with various customization options to customize their loadout from hundreds of cosmetic items. The developers also promise the players to add new content every season. Bloons TD Battles 2 inherits a number of additions from Bloons TD 6, including Heroes, a third upgrade path, fifth tier upgrades, and more.

The game has launched on both PC and mobile platforms and is available on Steam, iOS, and Android

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