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Blue Archive brings “The Clumsy Sister and the Magician of The Old Library” story event update

The update includes two new students Ui and Hinata!

The Clumsy Sister and the Magician of the Old Library,” the most recent story event update for the well-liked mobile RPG Blue Archive, sends players on an adventure with freshmen Hinata and Ui in the hopes of repairing the damaged holy text found in the Trinity ruins. Players who sign in before Tuesday, October 11, 2022, will receive free materials needed to make brand-new exclusive goods as part of publisher Nexon’s launch of a new crafting system called “Material Fusion.”

Blue Archive The Clumsy Sister and the Magician of The Old Library introduces two new characters

The two pupils that join the Blue Archive universe each have special skills of their own. Ui is a member of the library committee and a striker who uses explosives. She employs her EX skill to temporarily raise an ally’s attack while lowering the skill cost of one teammate (apart from herself). Mystic-type striker student Hinata of the Sisterhood employs an EX skill that inflicts harm on opponents within five circular ranges proportional to her assault.

By choosing the recipe, players can use the Material Fusion feature to create up to three objects at once. Three excellent fusion keystones and six advanced fusion keystones are among the freebies users receive when they log in so they may start crafting.

All players who log in before Tuesday, October 11 will receive a 10-Recruitment Ticket from Nexon as a present in honor of the event story. Additional information on “The Clumsy Sister and the Magician of The Old Library” story event update in Blue Archive can be found on the official website.

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